Car Sex, Aria’s naughty High School Sexcapades part 1

My senior year of high school was full of sneaky teenage rebellion. One of my favorite instances is when I snuck out of the house to go have car sex with this hot college guy. He was a senior back when I was a freshman, and somehow a few days ago he got my number and texted me while he was home on break.

We flirted back and forth a lot, sending naughty pictures to each other. We built up such a sexual tension, that there needed to be a release. So he texted me really late one night, asking if he could come over for a hook up. I told him that my parents were home and there was no way we could fuck without them hearing it.

So then he asked me… “Have you ever had car sex before?” I was intrigued. Something new and exciting! That was all it took for me to be 1000% down with the idea, and twenty minutes later I was sneaking out of the house in the dead of night.

When I first got in the car, it was a little awkward. This is the first time seeing each other in three years. But after the initial fumbling, I was straddling his lap and his tongue was halfway down my throat.

It wasn’t sweet or romantic.

It was two young people with raging hormones going at each other. My hands were roaming all over his chest, his hands were cupping my ass until they left prints. It was hot, heavy, and full of need. After what seemed like forever, I had had enough waiting.

I pulled his shirt off, followed by reaching down until I reached the hem of his pants. He may think that I’m some inexperienced high school girl, but I have been riding this rodeo for a long time. I needed his cock inside of me, and I needed it now.

So I reach down into his boxers and wrap my hand around his already hard cock. His body jerking in surprise and pleasure as I stroke him firmly. I look into his sky blue eyes and give him a half smile.

I see you’re as excited as I am.” I remarked

Well now I need proof of that remark.” He retorted, reaching under my skirt. Between my legs, until he found my panties absolutely soaked, signaling my arousal. “Wow, you’re fucking drenched!”

I giggled and dove in to nibble on his neck. My hips grind on their own accord and I pulled my panties to the side, grinding my wet pussy lips up and down his shaft. “I need you to show me how good car sex can be.” I whispered against his skin.

With his hands on my hips, I finally positioned myself right above him. He looks me right in the eye, and by the firm grip he has on me, I knew he would pull me down on him at any second…

Enjoying part one of my car sex blog? Come back Sunday to finish the fun with part two! Can’t wait to hear how it ends? Listen to my experience by checking out my audio here



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