Car sex, Aria’s naughty High School Sexcapades Part 2

Just like I thought, his grip pulled me down and his cock slid inside of me like a sword being sheathed. He pulled me all the way down so that he filled me completely. I gasped, feeling my tight little pussy stretch to accommodate him.

He didn’t give me time to adjust before he manhandled my body to bounce on his cock. I barely had time to grab onto his shoulders to hold on before I was losing the battle to pleasure. His cock spearing me again and again, sending shock waves of ecstasy through my whole body.

I was able to pull myself together enough to start moving on my own, adding my body weight to the movements as I slammed down on his cock. His hands moved to my ass, allowing me full control to ride his cock as I pleased. I forced him balls deep inside of me Our moans were ragged, and egging each other on. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was surprised at how well I was riding him. Giving away a taste of just how experienced I was.

With his newfound realization of just how much of a cock slut I was, he pulled me into his chest, using both of his strong arms to really slam me up and down on his greedy cock. His whispered pants of calling me a nasty little slut bringing a vicious smile to my lips.

I reallocated my focus onto grinding my hips as he controlled the speed and strength of my bouncing. My mouth found his, and I plunged my tongue past his parted lips to greedily taste him. I was going to cum soon, and I wanted to be completely consumed by him when it happened.

My core clenched round his throbbing cock.

With a full body tremble, I screamed my release into him mouth. I was sure, that even though we were parked a block away from my house, that my parents could hear me cumming like the dirty slut I was.

My whole body shook in his arms, as he forced me up and down on his cock until he found his own release. Without asking, he unloaded his balls deep inside of me. No thought of the consequences. I knew I liked him for some reason… He finally unwrapped his arms from around my body, but I wasn’t done with him.

While he was still raw and twitching, I clenched my pussy tight and started right back up. Because there was no way in hell I was going to let him get away with just one round. I knew for a fact that there were all sorts of positions to try in such close quarters. So with an evil smile, I forced his softening cock to grow once again for my own nefarious purposes. Because come hell or high water, I wasn’t going back home until I was overflowing with cum. Car sex was way too much fun…

Did you miss part one of my car sex blog? Click here to catch up now! Want to enjoy the fun in my own words? The audio is available for your enjoyment as well. Or you can call me to hear all about my wild sexcapades live!



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