Capnolagnia – My Newfound Smoking Fetish – Part 2


Welcome back to my blog about my newly discovered Smoking Fetish. Here is the conclusion to part 1, I know you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing about it. If you need to read Part 1, press the link here.

I wanted her to taste my body the same way she was tasting the smoke.

My pussy ached now thinking of her face buried deep between my legs taking her time licking my clit and tasting my flavor. I bit my lower lip fantasizing about her hands tracing the lines of my body. Next, caressing my tits as she licked me harder and faster. I wanted her to suck on my clit like she was sucking on the filter of her cigarette. I could feel my panties soaking through.

Watching her get satisfaction from her cigarette had my body aching to fuck her.

I pictured her fingers deep inside my pussy stroking my G-spot faster and faster. Her mouth licking my clit so perfectly, arching myself up to her mouth until I exploded with a powerful orgasm. I watched her take her last long drag from the smoke and ash it out in the ashtray. I wanted her to use me just like she used the cigarette to satisfy her craving then just put it out when she was finished with it. I paid my tab and left.

I couldn’t get that woman out of my mind.

On the way home I stopped and bought a pack of smokes. When I got home, I ran myself a bath. I went into my room and pulled out my favorite vibrator. My body was aching for release, by being so turned on by the woman at the bar. I turned the water off placed my vibrator, pack of smokes and ashtray by the tub. Subsequently, I undressed letting my clothes fall to the floor. I stepped into the water in the tub and lowered myself in. Then I grabbed a cigarette from the pack of smokes brought it to my lips and lit it. Next, I inhaled the smoke deep into my lungs. The feeling of it fill them was cooling. I then slowly released the smoke through my lips.

The feeling of the smoke pass over my lips was intoxicating and made my pussy ache again.

Consequently, I reached for my vibrator with my other hand and took it under the water. I took another drag from the cigarette and then placed the vibrator against my clit. Mmmmmmm. It felt so good. The smoke escaped from my lungs as I was rubbing the vibrator over my pussy. As I took another inhale I slid the vibrator into my pussy, therefore, made me take a deeper drag on the smoke. My head leaned back and I arched my back as I slid the vibrator in and out of my wet pussy.

I took a couple more drags complimenting the strokes of the vibrator in my pussy.

I ashed out the cigarette in the ashtray and move the vibrator back to my clit. Using the end, I teased my clit, edging myself closer and closer. Fantasizing of the blonde from the bar sent me closer to cumming.  I moaned with pleasure and plunged the vibrator back into my pussy rubbing it against my g-spot until I erupted into a powerful orgasm. I leaned over the tub and grabbed another cigarette, mmmmm, I love my new capnolagnia fetish.


If you loved reading about my new smoking fetish and want to hear my sexy voice read it please check out my audio.

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