Capnolagnia – My Newfound Smoking Fetish – Part 1


I never imagined smoking would turn me on so much. I grew up in a house where both my parents smoked, it was very typical to see adults smoking cigarettes. However, I remember when I was young I would sneak a cigarette in my pocket to go and hide somewhere to smoke it. In short, I thought the turn on was sneaking them and the fear of being caught.

Years later I found out the truth of my Capnolagnia Fetish.

One night, incidentally, I was bored of being at home, all my friends were busy or not wanting to go out on a weeknight. I decided to go have a drink at a local pub. As I walked in through the door I noticed there was a few people playing pool, a couple guys sitting at the bar watching the game and a couple at a table talking.

In a dimly lit corner a beautiful blonde woman was sitting by herself with a drink.

I decided to sit at the bar putting the pool table and blonde woman in my view across the room. The bar tender came over and I made my order.  I watched the people play pool it was 2 guys and a girl they were having fun and laughing quite a bit. Later, I looked at the two gentlemen at the bar watching the game on the TV. Consequently, I wondered if they were here watching the game here in peace instead of at home with their wives. I then turned my attention to the blonde in the corner, she was stunning.

Her bright red painted lips were alluring.

She was enjoying her drink, the way she took the glass to her red lips made you wish you were the liquid in the glass. Everything about her was seductive and sexy.

She then reached into her purse, took out a pack of cigarettes and took one out with a lighter. With the cigarette held in her two fingers she brought it up to her bright full red lips placed it in between them and lit the end with the lighter. You could see her inhale deeply sucking on the filter, her chin slightly bent upward. She held the smoke in her lungs and released it slowly through her parted lips.

She then took the cigarette back to her mouth and sucked deeply taking her time filling her lungs.

The way she was smoking the cigarette had me completely mesmerized. It was as if she was being intimate with it. She wanted to taste every bit of the smoke that entered her body, her lips caressed the filter so delicately. I couldn’t stop watching her.  Surprisingly, I found myself completely engulfed at how erotic it was for her to smoke a cigarette.  I watched her take a couple more drags, I was now so turned on my nipples were hard poking through my bra and shirt and my panties were wet. I couldn’t get enough, I longed to be that cigarette and have her bright red lips on me. Do I have a smoking fetish? I wondered to myself.


I hope you’re enjoying how I discovered my smoking fetish. If you can’t wait for part two on Wednesday you can purchase the full audio.


If you like to read about obscure fetishes like mine you can check out my friend Rhiannon’s blog about blood drinking here.

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