Can’t breathe, Aria helps you choke more than the chicken part two

Everything changes when my hands snake around your throat. The gasp you breathed in is the last bit of air you managed before I cut off all options. I’m not gentle as I bounce up and down on your cock, my weight practically forcing the air from your lungs bit by bit.

Your chest tightens, your vision blurs, but oddly, your cock hardens beyond compare. This is even better than all the times you used your belt to choke yourself at home. It’s not just some jerk off session in the dark with some porn. There is a real live girl riding your steel rod of a cock while choking the life out of you.

Not only that, but I’m getting off on it. You can hear me moaning as I ride you, taking every inch of your pulsating cock inside of me. You finally raise your arms and grab a hold of my hips. It’s been maybe a minute, minute and a half since my hands choked off your air, but you are leaning into it beautifully.

There is no fight for air from you, you start thrusting up into me and slapping my ass as I bounce. I’m sure your vision is nearly black by now. I can see how flushed your face is, but there isn’t a single trace of panic. Instead, I see pleasure written all over you. At the two minute mark I let up on your throat and let that sweet gust of air whoosh in, filling your lungs.

Yet almost immediately my fingers wrap around your throat.

I can tell just how into it you are, because your cock twitches inside me the moment my hands return. You start fucking me with renewed vigor, and I’m biting my lip to bite back a scream.

Our bodies move together, hot, hurried, and full of need. It won’t be long before I explode on you, and I want to make sure you are right there with me. I’m panting as I lean forward, increasing the pressure on your neck, but continuing anyway. I kiss you, forcing your mouth open and flicking my tongue against yours.

You can feel my breath against your lips even when you can’t breathe yourself. I taste your sweetness, and you wrap your arms around my middle to jackhammer my pussy. I moan right into your mouth and explode all around you.

The spasm makes me squeeze even tighter and you cry out your own climax. I collapse on top of you and release my grip. We both pant from exertion, but feel utterly content. I can really get used to this. A new kinky weapon in my sexual repertoire…

Did you miss out on part one of my can’t breathe blog? Find out how all the fun started here! Or if you want to live the fantasy live, check out the audio I made!




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