Can’t breathe, Aria helps you choke more than the chicken part one

So I recently had a client approach me with his fetish. It was one of the few things I had never done or talked about before, but I’m always down to try anything. The call turned out to be really really hot, and now I want to write a blog about it. Have you ever been aroused when you can’t breathe?

So my fantasy is simple. I want a guy who gets off on being choked. I’m not sure how I would find one, but I want to find one in such a way that they don’t know I know about their kink. Maybe they are closeted or shy or don’t really bring it up on the first date type of thing.

Hunting for a closeted asphyxiation perv would be half the fun in my mind. The other half would be seducing them. Flirting with them, going out on dates, and finally getting to the point that they would be comfortable coming to my house to hook up.

I think that day I would wear a scarf around my neck.

The whole date, I would smile coyly whenever I caught them looking at it. He would blush and maybe fumble his words, and the mere fact that I know but he doesn’t would be enough to get me wet.

After the date, I would invite him back to my house. I would lead him by the hand down the hall to my room, and push him onto my bed immediately. Patience has never been one of my virtues, and I had waited so long to finally get my hands on him.

Everything would already be thought out. I would wear a loose dress that ends at mid thigh. So all I would have to do is straddle his lap to keep him pinned. I would lean down to kiss him all the while I’m undoing his pants and pulling his cock out.

Now he might protest how forward I am, or he might be counting his lucky stars. But one thing he wouldn’t be doing, is expecting what I had planned next. Because my plan is simple. I’ll pull my panties to the side, sit all the way down on his cock, and then lean forward, wrapping my hands around his neck.

I will fuck him hard and fast all the while… he can’t breathe.

Are you enjoying part one of my can’t breathe blog? Come back Sunday to catch the juicy finale. Or if you want some choking fun for yourself, my audio won’t disappoint.




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