Business Man by day, Sissy Boy, Hotel Tramp by night. Part 2

Sissy Boy whispered to me “Mistress, she is walking toward me, slower this time.  What should I do?”

“Can she see your cock?  What is she wearing?”

“She has on a tee-shirt and some cut offs on and no she cannot see my cock it is under my skirt.  She is about 300 yards away.  My cock is so hard!  I am beyond excited.”

“Maybe she wants to play too, Sissy Boy!”

Pamela then hangs up the phone but later calls me back to tell me what happened.  The woman came down and asked if she was alright and as she looked at him she slowly realized what was he/she was up to.

A slow smile  spread across her face as she squatted down and lifted up his skirt.  Reaching over she trailed a finger nail down the length of his cock and then leaned down to lick the end of it.

Pamela could not believe what was happening, it was just like his Mistress told him.  She wanted to play also.  Not a word was mentioned between them as she started to suck on his cock while he continued to fuck himself in the ass with the dildo.

It did not take long before he felt himself getting ready to explode.

As his rock hard cock began to throb and twitch, the woman quickly stripped off her shorts and bent over in front of him.  Peter could not control himself a moment longer!

Sissy Boy grabbed his rock hard cock and thrust it into the waiting dripping pussy in front of him.

He told me it only took a matter of about 3 thrusts before he exploded, sending huge spurts of his hot load deep inside this woman who he never even met before.

It was so hot, and erotic to be fucking a total stranger!  As Sissy Boy shot his load into her she tightened her pussy and started to convulse.  Her whole body shook as she tensed up and he could feel her shaking from the inside.  It started way deep inside and like a rolling wave rolled over and out her body right over his cock.  Never feeling anything like this before, Peter just stilled his whole body as wave after wave hit him.

Finally she collapses onto the floor in front of him and did not move.

After what seemed like forever she moves and starts to get up.  Grabbing her shorts, she turns and smiles at Peter and then walks down the hallway.  She turns, waves to Peter and then disappears into her room.

“What did you do then?”

“I gathered up my stuff, leaving a mess of cum all over the floor, and went back to my room.  Then I called you.”

“Well, Pamela, it sounds to me like you just had an experience that most people will never get in there life.  Completely anonymous sex!  I bet you have never experienced anything like that before.”

“No I haven’t and let me tell you, that was some of the most satisfying and completely erotic sex I have ever had!”

We talked a bit more on the phone, the whole time my Sissy Boy, Peter was telling me what had happened, I was so turned on, I couldn’t stand it.  I was playing with myself the whole time he talked to me and the moment we hung up I got down to some serious masturbation.

As I used the vibrator on myself I kept thinking about being with a total stranger.

Starting in my core I felt it building.  I was getting wetter and wetter and then the waves hit me!  Great tremors took over my body as I kept thinking about a total stranger walking up and joining me in my masturbation.  That was it!  I couldn’t hold back a second longer.

Convulsing, my body shook as squirts of cum shot from my pussy.

Just like a guy, I was cumming in great hot juicy squirts.  This erotic fantasy was so hot I try to recall it as much as I can.  It always gets me off in such a extreme way!

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