Business Man by day Hotel Tramp by night.

I know this sissy boy who loves to dress up like a little slut.  I like to help him and tell him what to do, because I am his Mistress.  Here is his story.

This is a story about Peter aka Pamela.

During the day Peter has a great job that entails him to travel alot.  So hotels have become a part of is life.  Looking for a little excitement, Sissy Boy Peter calls me up one evening and tells me how horny he is and was looking to get some relief.

Finding out that he likes to dress up in women’s clothes and enjoys public masturbation, I decide to help him out.

“I want you to put on your sluttiest little outfit and grab your dildo.”

Peter, now Pamela, was staying at a small 2 story hotel.   Calling me he explained how horny he was and was looking to do something daring.

Explaining to him how to apply his makeup, I find out what he is wearing.  It is a short little black and white pleated skirt, with bight yellow panties on. Sissy Boy has a matching bra and then a short see through tie up white blouse on.  To top off his outfit he is wearing black lace up boots.

He has a long blond wig on.

After following my instructions he has applied bright blue eye shadow some mascara along with rose color for his cheeks and eye popping red lip stick.  Pamela was born and ready to party.

Instructing Sissy Boy Pamela to grab her dildo and head out the door and down to the end of the hallway for some fun.

Pamela loves to fuck herself in the ass with her dildo while stroking her cock.

On the phone with Pamela/Peter, He tells me he has his suction cup dildo with him tonight and his ass is puckering just thinking about it.  I Instruct him to walk down the hallway to the end where the stairwell is and find a place to stick his dildo.

“Ok Mistress I am here and I stuck my dildo on the floor at the end of the hallway.”

“Now I want you to take those pretty yellow panties that you have on and drop them down to your knees.  Is there anybody in the hallway?”

Sissy Boy replies telling me that no one is around right now.  So I tell him to go ahead and spit on that dildo and then start sucking on it to make it nice and wet.  As instructed I hear him spit and then the tell tale signs of sucking.

“Ok, now I want you to squat over your dildo and push the head into that sweet ass of yours.”

I hear him getting excited and starting to push that dildo into his ass.  “Don’t forget to stroke that hard dripping cock of yours.”

“Yes Mistress, ohhh, God, ohh, yes… mmm it feels so good!  I want to cut loose and get loud but I have to be careful.

Oh Mistress, I see somebody at the end of the hall, oh , what should I do?”

“You need to keep stroking your cock and fucking your ass! “

“Wait, it is a woman, Oh My God she is walking this way!  What should I do?”

“Just be still and wait to see how close she gets to you Sissy Boy.  ”

“I think she sees me.  She stopped and is just looking down this way.”

“Maybe she wants to come join you.  You would like that wouldn’t you.  Maybe she would stroke your cock while you fuck your ass.”


Make sure to come back on Sunday to read the conclusion of Business Man by day Hotel Tramp by night.

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