Bubble Bath & Masturbation with Aurora


Back for part two, I see. Obviously I knew you would be. Things are just about to turn real sexy in my bubble bath. Were you the good boy I know you are? You did listen to my audio right. You know exactly how this is going to play out because part 1 had you so ready you just couldn’t wait. More importantly, you like to follow my rules, of course. 


 To be honest, I like to get all clean before I get dirty so I grab my loofah and cover it in more Butterfly Flower. It is my favorite scent and all I choose to wear. Starting with my neck slowly taking my loofah down my body spending extra time rubbing my hard nipples. Despite the steamy hot room and water, my nipples are hard and ready for some attention. I am so horny that I don’t think I am going to make it through my whole bathing experience. Sliding my loofah between my thighs rubbing it against my pretty waiting clit and my body shivers. A low moan escapes my lips and my fingers twitch to rub it. 


Admittedly, forgetting to finish scrubbing my body my hands grabs my clit sucker. I am ready to cum.  


Bringing the toy into the bubble bath while turning it on low I attach it to my perfect clit letting the dildo end push against my pink tight asshole. I am feeling especially naughty today, and regular play isn’t quite going to get me where I want to be. The water slashes around the tub as I move the toy around. With this intention of finding the sweet spot of my clit. It starts sucking and I start rubbing my soapy body caressing my nipples and thighs and stomach. This toy does wonders and it doesn’t take long for me to reach my 1st orgasm. 


Fuckkkkkkkk I cum all in my bubble bath. I reach down to turn the toy up one more setting so that my next orgasm is that much stronger. 


While my hands are down on the bubble bath I slid the dildo side into my juicy tight asshole. Sliding all the way down in the bath so that just my face is exposed I allow the toy to suck and fuck me. My fingers playing in my fuck hole. Under those circumstances, all of my senses being pleased, the smell of jasmine in my nose the soft bubbles caressing my skin both hoes being fucked while my clit is being sucked on, it does not take long at all. I am cumming harder than I have in a long time.  My body is satisfied and tired. Pulling myself up again I lay back against the tub and remove the toy. It is time to bask in my orgasm and enjoy the rest of my bubble bath.

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