Breastfeeding Fantasies – Craving My Sweet Milk, StepDaddy? – Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Click here! When we ended last time, StepDaddy had been feasting on my barely legal titties when he admitted his deepest wish; that my young breasts would be filled with milk for him to enjoy. My eyes widened in surprise. As my stepfather’s words began to register in my fevered mind, I realized something important. StepDaddy had been fantasizing about his babygirl for a VERY long time. In fact, I suspected he wanted to indulge even beyond his wildest breastfeeding fantasies.

Not only did he want to fuck me, but he also wanted much more. I’d heard erotic stories of girls who purposely took hormones and other things so that they could lactate, but I thought it was just one of those obscure breastfeeding fantasies. However, my stepdad informed me that it’s a very real thing.

I’ll admit, incest sex really turns me on. But making my stepfather-stepdaughter breastfeeding fantasies a reality too? Mmm yes please, StepDaddy!

In fact, he admitted he’d researched it. He asked me if I’d become his little hucow. Um, a little what? I stared at him as I tried to understand what he was proposing.

“A hucow, StepDaddy? What is that?”

He proceeded to explain that a hucow is a girl who lactates and loves to be milked for sexual pleasure. He said it’s one of the many ways we could explore our breastfeeding fantasies together. I would take hormone supplements, practice with a breast pump, and participate in intimate “nursing sessions” with StepDaddy until I started producing milk. While he milks me, he plans to fuck me bareback so that he can impregnate his darling stepdaughter.

Once pregnant, my breasts would swell even further, giving him all the creamy, delicious milk he could ever want.

As he described how good it would feel, my stepfather slowly eased down my panties, then tossed them onto the floor. Growling with need, he sucked at my nipple almost painfully as he yanked down his boxers, sinking deep into my tight, dripping pussy.

I panted and whimpered as StepDaddy fucked me hard. At last! My hands fisted in his hair as he devoured my engorged nipples, switching back and forth. Omg, it felt amazing! I couldn’t get enough. I exploded helplessly as I imagined everything we’d do together.

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