Breastfeeding Fantasies – Craving My Sweet Milk, StepDaddy? – Part 1

StepDaddy, you know that breastfeeding fantasies are some of my fave kinks! You can practically taste that warm, sweet goodness now, can’t you?

Fantasies like these aren’t something you’d think a former college girl like me would be into, but my stepfather had gotten me addicted at a young age. It started out innocently enough. Well, that’s not entirely true. To be honest, I’d flirted with StepDaddy for as long as I can remember. However, he’d always rebuffed my enthusiastic but inexperienced advances. But something changed once I became a freshman. Suddenly, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

More accurately, StepDaddy couldn’t stop staring at my perky, barely legal titties. Noticing his obvious interest, I started “forgetting” to wear a bra whenever he was around. Indeed, it was as if he couldn’t stop looking! Of course, I always wore something tight so that the sweet curves of my teen breasts were openly visible for StepDaddy’s viewing enjoyment. After passing my first college final exams with flying colors, StepDaddy rewarded me with a weekend trip.

Hidden away from prying eyes, what happened next between StepDaddy and me was practically inevitable.

Alone in my hotel room late that night, I saw the adjoining door to StepDaddy’s room slowly open. Shocked yet aroused, I watched him approach the bed. Although I wore nothing save a thin white spaghetti-strap tank and petal-pink bikini panties, I made no effort to cover up.

Unable to resist, I slowly pulled down the front of my top until my rounded, firm breasts popped into view. Staring up at my stepdad through lowered lashes, I blushed a little as I slowly began to circle my stiff pink nipples with just the barest caress of my fingertips. StepDaddy’s mouth fell open slightly, and then he unconsciously licked his lips.

Breastfeeding fantasies: I knew I had him now! Smiling provocatively, I enjoyed Step Daddy’s reaction. It was obvious he was dying to beg for just a taste!

Mesmerized by my erect, dark pink nipples, he sat down on the edge of the bed. Not missing a beat, I scooted over, wordlessly inviting him closer. Then I leaned back as I gazed up at him with just the barest flirtation of a smile. Unable to resist, StepDaddy leaned forward so that he could gently suck a tingling tip between his sensual lips. I moaned with pleasure as I arched, wordlessly urging him to touch me at will. I did not realize it at the time, but I was already making my sexy stepdad’s breastfeeding fantasies come true!

StepDaddy slowly moved between my legs as he feasted upon my throbbing, swollen young breasts. Because he wore nothing but boxers, he easily nestled his raging boner against my now very damp, almost transparent panties, making me whimper needfully.

“Mmm StepDaddy, don’t stop,” I gasped as I squirmed helplessly beneath him.

I really couldn’t help it. I ground my panty-covered pussy against StepDaddy’s rigid fuckstick as he suckled one nipple, then the other. Sounding aroused beyond belief, he groaned “Oh my sweet Angel, your titties taste SO good,” ~loud slurp!~ before continuing with “I wish they were filled with milk for StepDaddy!”

Omg. What did he just say? I stuttered “W-w-what?!” As I stared at him with my mouth open, StepDaddy began to explain exactly what he wanted from me.

Mmm, what did you think of my very first blog fantasy? If you’ve enjoyed reading Part 1, be sure to return on Friday to devour Part 2.

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