Breaking In-A Sensual Sex Fantasy-Phone Sex Part 1

I hated when my boyfriend left me to go on business trips, this would lead to Breaking In Sensual Fantasy Phone Sex. There were fears of a forced breaking in. This job was my worst nightmare as he would literally be gone for months at a time too. Here I was left all alone, all the time, this is what led to Breaking in-Forced Fantasy-Phone Sex. It would be this occurrence that would lead to Breaking In-Sensual Fantasy-Phone Sex. My sleep pattern was really funny too, he would often tell me that the house could be burning and I would never awaken. On this one night, I came home from work so tired, I dropped my bag on the ground and went straight to the shower. The feel of my clothes falling to the floor was in itself so relaxing. The shower was calling my name.

The water cascaded over my body offering me life

My choice of products tonight were all with the intention to calm me from thinking about breaking in sensual fantasy phone sex. With work being so hectic today all I wanted was to forget about it. My plan is to dive head first into our King sized California bed. Click was the sound of the TV turning on as I slid my naked body under my huge comforter. The only thing missing now was my boyfriend. He needed to be here so I could have him fuck me into an 8 hour slumber and I missed him so much already. Missing him was really an understatement as I had thoughts if his tongue sliding across my pussy hole before he would stick his tongue as deep into me as it would go.

Grabbing my vibrator would do the trick

The tiny vibrating buzz sound my vibrator made as I rammed my tiny little hole was so fucking exhilarating to me. I rolled it over my clit and felt as it would grow more and more swollen. Feeling my tummy contract pushing wet juices into my pussy only made me miss my boyfriend even more not thinking on Breaking In Forced Fantasy Phone Sex. Placing the vibrator on the bed I started rubbing on my now really tender clit. Oh my God! I couldn’t help but scream as I grew near to the most beautiful climax. Not knowing if it was my imagination or the TV casting shadows, but I could have sworn I saw a figure pass my doorway. I was finding solace under my comforter.

It wasn’t my imagination!

He stood there! A stranger was at the doorway of the bedroom I shared with my boyfriend and he had something in his hand that I couldn’t make out. Nor did I want to. I felt chills run down my spine and the hair on my body was standing on end now. “Don’t stop”, he said in an ordering tone. I froze. Thoughts crashed into my mind so quickly, should I do what he said? But how could I continue and I didn’t know what his intention was for me? How did he get in? Was this a forced breaking in? Was he going to leave me unharmed? Shivers ran through me in this Breaking In Sensual Fantasy Phone Sex.

I was scared…

Decked in an all black sweat suit I could not make out his face in the dark of the room. He walked to the base of the bed and yanked the comforter from my grip. It rolled down my body now exposing my breasts.

Excited? So am I! You need to come back for Part 2!


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