Title: This Bratty, Submissive Sugar Baby is Worth It!

Oh, you naughty boy! You’ve been so bad lately. I guess you forgot who you’re dealing with, baby! I may be a young, submissive slut, but don’t forget for a second that I’m 100% a brat. If you want to make me yours, you’d better bring you’re “A-game” because I guarantee I’m going to be the most spoiled bratty submissive you’ve ever met!

Can You Handle This Bratty Submissive?

Don’t get me wrong, I crave being under your control but how can I possibly submit to a man that can’t handle me? So when I say “Make me! don’t you dare hold back! The effort is worth the reward, trust me. Or better yet, here, I’ll let one of my sugar daddies tell you about how sweet it is to own my young, sleek, bratty, submissive body:

Bimbo Barbie Sky

When I started talking to Sky, I wanted her to be my little Bimbo Barbie. Someone I could use however I wanted, without any backtalk. When we met up for dinner for the first time, I’ll be honest. I thought she was too much trouble. She ordered the most expensive thing on the menu with a challenge in her bratty, submissive eyes, pushed every boundary I fucking had.  I almost threw up my hands and said: “Well, do you want to submit or not!?”

Giving Me What I Want

But as I stared at her tits, I noticed she was working to display them better for me: readjusting, sitting forward a little bit. This bratty little queen was giving me what I was asking for while making me feel like I wasn’t getting anything. And then it dawned on me. She was challenging me to be more dominant. And her pussy was dripping as she did it.

Subduing A Tigress

The thought of enraging me to the point that I fuck the attitude out of her drove her wild. It still does. Anyway. That first encounter left my head spinning she was so bratty and yet submissive. It was like trying to subdue a tigress. She was powerful and confident, and she needed me to be a man that could still dominate her. So, I came up with a plan.

She’s Sassy

We messaged back and forth for a few days, me trying to entice her into meeting up again, and her being sassy as fuck. As much as it shames me now, the word bitch floated through my mind often.

Reconnecting Over The Phone

Eventually, we found some time to reconnect over the phone and her voice had me so fucking horny as she acted like a hard ass. I told her to come over and I’d show her who was boss, and it was like I’d said the magic words. Challenge accepted.

She looked enticing

When she came over, she was dressed to entice. She had on a little sundress with no bra or panties, with her hair pulled back off her face. Those gorgeous lips of hers were pouty and painted delicious bubblegum pink that I desperately wanted to see smeared all over my cock.  And I said as much.

I Slammed My Cock In Her Mouth

I still remember the way her head tilted to the side as she sized me up and replied,“ And what makes you think I’m going to let you?” These next few moments shaped our relationship forever. I grabbed her by her immaculate ponytail and pushed her to her knees as I desperately freed my dick from my pants. I used my thumb to pry those reluctant little lips apart and slam my cock to the back of her bratty, submissive throat until my balls were flush against her chin.

Thrusting Her Throat

“Oh, I think you’ll do more than this…and I think that pussy is going to be drenched by the time I claim it.”And with that, she sucked part of my soul out through my dick and into her mouth. I didn’t let her have my jizz yet, I just wanted to get myself a little personal pleasure for all the brattiness I knew I’d joyfully be enduring. But for every bit of energy I spent thrusting down her throat, she matched me.

Gave Her Mouth A Rest

When I finally gave her mouth a rest, she instantly reverted to her sassy little self. “Oh, I bet you just loved that. A real man would have made me do it willingly.” She said as she straightened her dress. What I did to her the rest of the night is between Sky and myself.  The result was explosive, to say the least though. She’s so bratty and submissive that she tests you as a dominant in any way possible but once you get a single taste of her body, you’ll see why she’s constantly pushing. It’s because her body is a fucking Ferrari and most men can’t even drive stick.

She’ll let you act out your most aggressive fantasies using her body as your personal sex toy.  It’s what she craves above all else, but her favorite part of all of it is making you work for every bit of it.

I’m telling you, she’s worth it! You’ll never feel or hear anything that could ever compare to Sky.

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