Bratty Submissive Gets Owned By Lesbian Dommes Pt 2

So, now that we had a halfway decent plan for our bratty submissive, Nicole, we invited her over. Genna stood on standby with her phone, ready to call Nicole’s boss the moment she pulled into my driveway. Jessica and I went to my basement to set up a secure area to store her for when I was busy. I made quick work of it, though. We’d all used my dungeon at one point or another, so I only had to rearrange a few things to keep a less cooperative captive in place.

When she showed up, we were beyond ready. The giggles alone would have given us away, not that it mattered. The moment she came into my house, it was over. The three women and I (Genna was on the phone with Nicole’s boss still) met her at the door, our arms pulling her into the living room. We giggled and danced with her, drawing a particularly nasty sneer from the bratty woman.

Though I’d tried to remain festive to keep her from discovering our true plan, I found I just couldn’t do it. Her shitty attitude was just too much! So, like the bitch I am, I tripped her and made it look like an accident. She called me an oaf as she tried to stand back up, but my giggles had evaporated. I planted my foot on her chest, and the girls joined me in forming a tight circle around her.

Her attitude change was immediate. As if sensing the change in atmosphere, her bratty expression dissolved.

Cat and Mouse

We all glared at her from above as she begged me to remove my foot from her big tits. As if! Instead, I started lightly bouncing my foot off of the squishy flesh while the others laughed. Genna rejoined us, breaking the tension.

“Awww, you started the fun without me.”

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek to make up for my impatience, and let her have some fun too. I kept my foot in place as the others knelt down and stripped Nicole of her clothing. Jessica even brought in a pair of kitchen shears to cut the fabric off of her around my foot. So nice of her!

To keep things from turning from “teaching a lesson” to “this is a crime” I had Riley bring in the Hitachi. With her pussy bear, Riley had no trouble pressing it into Nicole’s core. The other girls baby-talked her into submission for me as I stood guard above.

“Aww, that’s it, sweetie, just relax. You’ve been a very naughty girl, but soon you’ll be feeling¬†so¬†much better!”

They fawned over her as she rode her first, second, and third orgasms. Her body was sweaty as they reached for a fourth, and her eyes begged me to give it to her. Snapping my fingers, I beckoned Riley to my position. Instead of standing over Nicole like I’d been, she plopped her juicy ass right on our bratty submissive, resting on her tits. Riley’s pussy was centimeters from Nicole’s lips, and I could see the hunger growing.

Switching Spots

But I focused on my new role of driving our bratty friend to her next orgasm, so I dug the Hitachi in while I mocked my little prize.

“Aww, I thought you were so much more composed than the rest of us, Nicole? Not so sure of that anymore, now that I’ve seen you under the wand. You know your pussy is just so fucking sloppy right now, don’t you? I can see that slutty little mind of yours working, hoping to get a taste of Riley’s sweet pussy while you seek your own selfish release. How about you taste your own juices first?”

I reached around Riley and shoved the wand into our bratty submissive’s mouth. She moaned around it, letting her horny tongue lap every drop of her juice off of it. I laughed, along with the other women as Nicole lost all of her self-respect. As soon as my toy was cleaned, I took it back and helped push Riley the last few centimeters so her pussy smothered Nicole.

From atop the disgraced woman’s face, Riley giggled and moaned as she mocked our bratty captive.

“Come on, Nicole, I wanna cum too! I gave you three screaming orgasms, the least you could do is put in a little more effort!”

Meanwhile, I teased Nicole’s pussy, letting the Hitachi just barely make contact with her clit. It drove her wild! I could see her head begin to thrash more from under Riley’s skirt, and sensing that both were close to the edge, I pressed the wand in deeper. A few moments later, they were both thrashing!

The other women and I just sat back and watched. We had so much more in store for our bratty submissive, but first, more wine!

The End

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