Bratty Domination – Teasing & Edging Mr. Boss Lady – Sophie’s Scandal 2

I went to Mr. Boss Lady’s place intending to have a little bratty domination fun, but it was looking like I was going to be a little less bratty than I’d intended. Making up for my shitty behavior was really why I was there and he seemed to want something more sensual. After the way I acted, I didn’t blame him since I basically made him pay me to keep my mouth shut about us. If word got out that he’d had an affair it would end his career as well as his marriage.

“Stroke it,” I said. “I want it to get nice and hard.” Mr. Boss Lady did as he was told.

The more he stroked it the harder it got. And the harder it got the more he loosened up. Within a few minutes, he’d leaned against the back of the couch and his frown was less…frowny. I watched him in silence at first because I wanted to see exactly how he liked it done. But he eventually looked like he was close to cumming. I couldn’t have that just yet.

His face contorted as he got to the edge of his orgasm. “Stop,” I snapped in an almost mean tone.

At first, I didn’t think he was going to listen but then he did. He gave me an irritated look. In response, I smiled and walked over to him. Once I was directly in front of him, his cock started to soften just a little bit. “Put on some music from your phone.”

Yet again he obeyed without a question.

His cock was getting just a little softer. When the music started playing, I shook my hips to its’ beat. I turned around as I danced slow and seductively for him.

“Stroke your cock some more for me,” I said with a pout. I was getting my way regardless of what he wanted because I was irresistible. “Slower.”

He watched me with hungry eyes and one glance down told me he was rock hard again. His cock was throbbing and twitching so I knew he was close to cumming again. It wasn’t time still so I told him to stop. He looked so frustrated but he knew who was in charge here.

I bent down so my cleavage was in his face and my mouth was close to his ear. “Don’t worry. I’ll let you cum,” I purred. “Only when I say so though so behave yourself.”

I started giving him a lap dance; grinding my panty-covered ass against his hard cock. Those panties got wet from all the precum he was leaking. I looked back at him and gave him another smile.

He was so close I could feel it.

So, I turned around and popped my perky tits out of my bra. I shook them in his face. Then, I got to my knees and pushed them together. “Right here,” I said as I stuck my tongue out and linked between my titties. Oh my god, he blew his load so fast. He squirted my breasts with a huge thick load.

Did you miss the steamy set up in Part 1 of my bratty domination blog? Find it here. To hear me tell this story with lots of extra juicy tidbits purchase the audio here. Check back in a couple of weeks to hear about my next encounter. I’ll give you a hint; we may or may not have gotten caught. You won’t believe what I do next!

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