Bratty Domination – Teasing & Edging Mr. Boss Lady – Sophie’s Scandal 1

I just love bratty domination and I’ll tell you why. For starters, I like to get my way. But I’ll tell you a secret. It isn’t just about the control and the domination, at least, not for me. It’s about letting someone else give up control to me and surrender to whatever they might be feeling. To let go and let someone else take the reins requires a lot of trust as well as submission.

The boss was out of town on some kind of business trip, seminar thing. So, I went over to her hubby’s house to spend a few nights in luxury. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I was feeling a little lonely and I wanted some company. Besides, Mr. Hubby kept up his end of our “deal” so I figured maybe we could have a little fun.

I even had a plan, a good one that he would like.

The look I wanted to go for was seductively sexy but not slutty or too in-charge (like his wife). I wore a long red dress. There was a slit in it that went all the way up to my hip. The dress was tight at the hips and above but was loose the rest of the way down. It was kind of lowcut so it revealed cleavage, but it wasn’t deep enough to be considered slutty necessarily. The sleeves went to my elbows and they had a lacey trim. 

My hair was braided and hung in front of me on my right side. The end was tied with a small matching red ribbon. My heels were black wedges that weren’t too tall. They were maybe about 3-4 inches. I also wore nude pantyhose with a matching nude bra and panty set underneath the dress. Would it sound conceited to say that I was proud of the way I looked? And, looking in control was just what I needed.

I rang the doorbell.

When Mr. Boss opened the door, he looked surprised to see me. So, I smiled and said, “surprise!”

Wordlessly he ushered me into the house. My smile never faded as I pranced into the spacious living room. When I turned around the look on his face was less than pleasant.

“What are you doing here? You got what you wanted.” He sounded almost mean.

I was a little hurt by his curt tone, but I knew why he wasn’t so friendly. This was me making it up to him. “The Boss Lady isn’t in town for a while so I thought we could spend some time together. Don’t be such a sour puss. I know what will wipe that frown off your face.”

He sighed and didn’t look convinced. “What, Sophie?”

“Sit down,” I told him, my tone commanding and firm. When he did sit, his butt was on the edge of the cushion. “Relax,” I said trying to soften my tone. “I’m going to make it all better. Now, pull out your cock. No, I don’t have a camera. I won’t leave your sight, I promise.” I batted my eyelashes playfully.

He did as I instructed. I’d be lying if I said it was hard or even halfway there. That was fine because I was going to change that real quick.

Can’t wait for Part 2 of my bratty domination blog on Friday? Check out my audio blog version with more dirty details and a tickler for a future story. If you’d like to read more naughty action, (and why Mr. Boss Lady was mad at me) go check out my Blackmail Extortion blog.

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