“Hello?”  All I heard was heavy breathing.  “Hello?”  More breathing.

“You are so hot!  My cock is rock hard again so please open the blind, I want you to see me and I want to see you.”  I need to get some boredom relief.

Slowly I walked over and pulled the shade up and I saw him standing there in all his naked glory!  His cock was rock hard and standing at attention.  I pulled a chair up and sat down facing the window.  “Would you like to do a little mutual masturbation?”

“That would be fantastic!”   With that he disappeared from view but was back in a few seconds with a chair, pulled it up to the window sat down facing me.  “I am ready.”

With that I spread my legs opening myself up wide for him to see everything.

“Oh My God!  You are so beautiful!”  He slowly started to stroke his cock.

I ran my hand down across my tits across my stomach and down to my pussy.  As I touched myself, I threw my head back with my mouth open.  This gives me such comfort. “So wet, oh so silky smooth,”  I whispered into the phone.  I glanced up and i saw that his eyes were transfixed on me and his hand was moving with more intent across his cock.  “Oh Baby, I love the way your cock looks in your hand.”

“How I would love to taste that sweet pussy of yours!” He whispered into the phone back to me.

I spread my legs a little further apart running my fingers down between my pussy lips inserting it into my cunt!  I start to finger fuck myself.  This is a great way for boredom relief! I start to pant into the phone and I hear him panting right back to me.  I glance over and I see him stroking his cock faster and faster.  “Oh Baby look at that cock of yours, how I would love to suck that into my mouth and taste you!”  The breathing on the phone increased to a panting.

I stood and walked over to the window knowing his eyes were transfixed on me.  Pressing up against the glass I make sure that my pussy is pressed up tight against the glass.  “Oh my, I think I am getting ready to cum!”  As I watched I saw his face contort and his hand moving at a high rate of speed.  It was making me so hot watching as he started shooting his load all over the window.  This is so much hotter than what I thought it would be!

Watching as he shot his load, caused me to feel the building down deep in my core!

Rubbing myself in front of the window, I felt that familiar feeling building, building building, Oh God Yes!  I started cumming over and over again, oh yes, my legs gave out and I collapsed on the floor as I finished cumming!  “Are you ok?”  I heard over the phone.

“Oh yes, I am just terrific!  I was not expecting that!”  I started out as teasing the neighbor boy and ended up getting the satisfaction that I had been craving for days!  “This quarantine might not be so bad after all.”

“I agree, if we can keep doing this it sure would alleviate  the boredom!”  Now I know what I will be doing for the duration of my quarantine!  I hope that you have the opportunity to do the same.

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