It is the 20th day of quarantine it is time for boredom relief!

Sometimes I just want to stay in bed, but I won’t allow myself to do that.  It is time for some boredom relief!  I crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom.  As I pass my open window I glance out and I see him the neighbor boy.  he is embarrassed that I caught him looking.  He ducks his head and gives a small wave.

In the bathroom I pull off my t-shirt and turn the shower on.

Entering the shower I let the hot water run over my body.  Then I lather up my breasts and slowly run my hands down my body stopping to lather up my pussy.  I spend a little extra time washing between my legs running my soapy fingers down between my pussy lips inserting my fingers inside to my core to make sure I am nice and clean inside and out.

As I lather up my hair a plan starts to form in my head.  Knowing exactly how I am going to get boredom relief today!  It is time to put my plan into action.  I have my hair wrapping in a fluffy white towel and I wrap another one around my body.  Walking back to my bedroom and as I reach the window I make sure that my towel falls to the ground.  I look over to the neighbors house and I see the boy at the window with his mouth hanging open!

My plan worked, I notice immediately the huge bulge in his pants!

I give a little wave then picking up my towel I continue onto my bedroom.  Oh this is going to be fun!  I flop on my bed and roll around a little giggling.  Time to plan for part 2 of my plan. Time to get some boredom relief!  I got it!  I turn the radio on and find a good rock station and turn it up.  Next I open the blind facing the neighbors house and crack the window a little.  It didn’t take long, I glanced over and saw the boy looking over at me.

Dancing, I start a nice erotic dance!  I was still naked with a towel around my hair.

I am spinning around and fling the towel off of my head allowing my hair to tumble down.  Running my hands down my body, I linger on my breasts squeezing my nipples a little.   Glancing up I notice that the boy was rubbing his crotch groaning!  Oh yes, my plan was working.  Turning I look over my shoulder and give him a little wink and then disappear from his sight.

I figure I am going to give him a break for a while and pick up later today after he has time to recuperate.  After what I just witnessed I figure he was finishing up right about now and might need a little time to rebuild his energy.  Playing with the younger generation is so much fun and I find alot of comfort in it.

I had the shade pulled down with a light on behind me because this is a great way to have a silhouette shown for the neighbors benefit.  I started out with just standing in the light with legs spread.  Next I started to sway my hips a little and massaging my big round firm tits.  It was about that time that I heard my phone ring.  “Hello?”  All I heard was heavy breathing.  “Hello?”  More breathing.

If you check back on Sunday you will find out the conclusion to BOREDOM RELIEF DURING QUARANTINE.

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