Borderlands Fan Fiction – FL4K’s Quest For Sexual Gratification Part 2

I hope you like my Borderlands Fan Fiction story so far.

FL4K stood before me as a looming shadow blocking the light of Pandora’s moon. I laid on the floor of the cave’s entrance with my pants more than half off and my jacket open. My Siren tattoos were on display for them, covering parts of my belly and chest.

Rustling around, I shrugged out of my jacket entirely. The shimmering tattoos on my arm glowed softly as I tore off my boots and pants. FL4K continued to gaze at me but their robotic expression was impossible to read. So, I stared back.

“Now might be an appropriate time to mention that I am not equipped for these things.”

My mouth dropped slightly because I hadn’t thought of that. “You mean you don’t…”

They shook their head. “That is correct.”

“Well, I see you have fingers. Those will work just fine, I’m sure.”

They stood there for a moment with what I perceived to be a thoughtful silence. I came here looking for the Vault, not sex, but I’d take what I could get.

“You will direct me, I assume.” I nodded. “Let’s begin.”

As I stripped out of my meager bra and panties, the robot set down their backpack and what looked like about several hundred pounds of coat. With all the baggage they took off, they seemed to shrink to a quarter of their original size. They were surprisingly slender and not what I imagined at all. Not that I was complaining.

“My appearance has defied your expectations,” FL4K observed.

“Size doesn’t matter,” I responded.

I moved to a rock a little deeper into the cave, sat down, and spread my legs open. My pussy was already pretty wet. It had started getting wet while we were talking about the idea of a sexual encounter. I was shaved smooth and my lips glistened in the faint light of my Siren glow.

Then, the Hunter strode toward me and knelt between my legs.

Their hand was surprisingly warm against my skin as they set it firmly on my thigh. Then again, It was a thousand fucking degrees on this barren wasteland of a planet.

“I possess no tongue to stimulate you. Do you require lubrication before we proceed?” FL4K asked.

I smiled while I slid my fingers between my legs. They slid easily inside me because of how wet I was. I pulled them out and showed the robot my wet fingers. “Thanks, but I don’t think that’ll be necessary.”

“Where should I begin?”

I picked up their metal hand with mine, turned it over, and guided one of their digits to my clit. “Can you vibrate?”

It was their turn to nod. As it started, it was a soft vibration. I bit my lip while I groaned. The more they increased the speed, the louder I got. I bucked my hips in pleasure while my cum dripped out of my pussy.

“That was to your satisfaction?” The Hunter inquired.

I nodded. “Don’t stop,” I panted.

My clit was hard and more sensitive than it had ever been. Their vibrations increased, even more, making my entire pelvis shudder.

“Put two…inside…” I breathed between moans of ecstasy.

They turned off the vibration while they slid their fingers inside me as far as they would go. I gave directions so that they could find my G spot. The metal digits pumped in and out of me as I writhed on the rock.

“Release again. Your smell is intoxicating and I desire more of it.” FL4K said.

I didn’t need to be told twice. The cave echoed with my cries of release. My wetness flowed down my inner thighs and pooled in a crevice on the rock.

“Impressive,” they said.

“Back atcha,” I panted.

“You are a carnal specimen and I would like to pursue more of these activities with you. Are you interested in broadening your sexual prowess?”

I didn’t know how to answer a question like that because it seemed so vague. What did they mean by that?


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