Borderlands Fan Fiction – FL4K’s Quest For Sexual Gratification Part 1

This Borderlands fan fiction is full of twisted lines from the game, references, and jokes. It’s an erotic story, but it’s also for shits and giggles. You have to have some sexual fun every once in a while. Let your hair down and do something different. You should try it sometime. It feels fucking awesome!

I was a Vault Hunter on Pandora. It was as good a place as any to start. I wanted to do some research on the Great Vault since it had been opened pretty recently. A cloudless black sky with twinkling stars hung overhead as I trudged through the vast expanse of desert terrain.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of scuffling behind me. And again to my right. To my left was the sound of feet. Dead ahead of me I heard the hammer being pulled back.

I turned in a quick circle in an attempt to survey my surroundings but saw nothing except mounds of sand scattered around me. My senses were on high alert as my eyes scanned the barren wasteland of Pandora.

Then, from a cloud of dust and sand, a figure came into view. It was a towering figure and the movements were a little…wrong. There was no way this was a human, but it was so obviously not a Loader either.

I shifted my weight to my back leg and readied my SMG. It came into focus as it lumbered closer. Then, it launched itself at me with a speed I’d never have guessed could come from such a creature. I didn’t have time to aim so I dodged out of the way.

However, I wasn’t exactly quick enough.

The creature gripped me, hoisted me overhead, and chucked me across the desert landscape. I landed hard, my head hitting against some rock. Blinking, my vision cleared enough to tell I was in the opening of a cave.

The robotic creature approached me once again and I had nowhere to go. Behind it, I saw a Skag, Jabber, and Spiderant crawling slowly as if they were a pack of wolves on a hunt, stalking their prey. I raised my arm up to aim and realized I had no gun to shoot it with.

“You are cornered.” The robot said in a monotone. “Death will soon take you into her embrace, bandit.”

“Hey, hey. I’m not a bandit.” I tried to rise to my feet, but they put their foot on my belly.

“Do you have proof of this?”

“Well, if you’d get your freaking foot off of me then I can show you,” I growled.

With what looked like a shrug, they relented. My hands grabbed for my jacket and I ripped it open, desperately trying to prove my innocence. The tattoos on my body glowed faintly in the dim light of the cave’s apex. My tits were perky in my bra and my toned body was exposed to this hunter.

“You’ve got some admirable breasts, girl,” they said.

Despite myself, I smiled at their compliment. “I’ve got some other things you might find ‘admirable’ and to your liking,” I said. “Do you have a name, Vault Hunter?”

“You may call me FL4K.”

I’d heard about this particular Hunter before. My core tightened as they continued to stare at me. This wasn’t what I’d come to the Borderlands for, but after my trip, I could use a change of pace. Slowly, I unfastened my buckle, slid down my zipper, and pushed my pants down my legs.

“Your pheromones are strong, but I only have experience in the hunt.”

I gave them a sly smile. “That’s okay. It’s not difficult. Let me show you.”


To Be Continued…


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