Heeled Boot Worship – Part one

You like to be controlled. It’s as simple as that. I have been teaching you ways to boot worship over the last several months since we had started our dynamic. The way that I made you focus on how to worship my boots- care for them- was deeply satisfying. I have my entire kit with me as I walk up the stairs to your home, pulling my key out. I unlock the door and make my way inside so I can lock the door behind me. My kit is set on the entryway table and I remove the jacket I wear to hang on a hook. The blouse I wear is removed, heels toed off, moved aside so I can shimmy out of my long skirt. The outfit I wear beneath is one that you like, so I had worn it on this day. Our highly anticipated six month anniversary.

The corset I wear is a bust baring one that holds my freckled breasts up invitingly- plump, round and pale. The black garter belt I wear holds up thigh high stockings- both matching the corset that hugged my waist lovingly. I knew you would be waiting for me, so I walk over to the hall closet on stocking covered feet. I open the door, bending to get my special boots that we used for every foot worship session we did. Once grabbed, I work on getting the knee length leather boots on with an automatic sureness from years of use. The laces are soft and familiar as I tighten them up the front of the boot, making them just right. I straighten and smooth my slender fingered hands over my plump backside to allow myself to feel my black panties. I loved how they felt against my skin, so soft.

“Mm. This will be a great night…” I mutter to myself before turning around, intent on getting my black bag.

I walk back to the entryway table- the heels of my boots clicking sharply as my round hips sway unintentionally. My fingers grasp the handle of my leather bag and I turn to make my way back to your room. When I enter, you are there, bare of all but your collar and a pair of tightly hugging boxer briefs. The way you are kneeling on a pillow designed specifically for that with your head bowed makes me smile approvingly. You do not move or say a word as I make my way to your bed to drop my bag. I open it and begin to pull everything out that was needed to first take care of my leather boots. We would begin with the traditional bootblacking to tidy up my black leather boots so that they end up shining. I knew that you loved to do this for me.

My voice is soft, a bit distracted as I murmur while getting things. “You’d best be prepared for tonight, pet.”

Once I have all of the needed materials out, I carry them over to a table next to my chair. We had gotten this chair for me specifically for when I came over to be worshipped in this sensual manner. You perk up as you hear the clinking of the shoe polish container, making me chuckle softly under my breath. I sit down once everything is set up and arch my back in a stretch with a low little moan. You are still kneeling on your pillow with your head down like a good boy should and I speak softly.

“Get over here, sweetheart, come take care of me now.”

The instant I stop speaking to you, you are crawling over to me on hands and knees, head turned down. You know exactly where I am and I can see that you are moving a bit eagerly, getting here quicker. You pause on the pillow in front of me and slightly off to the side of the chair I’m on. I see you take a deep breath to steady yourself to begin with the boot worship I had taught you. I reach with a foot to use the pointed tip of my boot to trace your cock through your briefs.  A whimper escapes your mouth at the sensation, your hips bucking just a bit into the feeling of my  boot-tip. I nudge your cock again and then press firmly as you buck your hips more, trying to get some friction. I laugh softly and shake my head at your actions.

“Get your things and start doing your job, precious boy.”


You stand without so much as a wince, turning to the side table to grab your things. A horsehair brush, a spray bottle of water, the polish, welt brush, and a clean rag for the finish. You kneel with everything, setting it all out so that you can do what is expected. Scooting forward, you carefully lift my right foot, reaching for the welt brush without looking, so accustomed to its placing. The brush is grabbed, you begin cleaning the dust and dirt from my boots, paying attention to underside and heel. You are intensely focused, my free foot trailing its heel along your thigh to tease you into maybe messing up. To my surprise, you only make a soft noise before continuing on with your task, finishing up the debris cleaning. You readjust my foot to begin the next step efficiently for our boot worship.


“Such a good boy. Taking care of them so well.”

Did you enjoy reading about my precious boy worshipping my heels? Well, maybe you will love to hear the first time we did a femdom session said in my sensual voice~ If you also want to read about our first femdom session with him, you can read the series here.

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