Blood Drinking for Beginners – Rhiannon’s Dark Fantasy Part 2

Hello again! I knew you’d be back to see how this blood drinking fantasy concluded. I don’t blame you at all – it’s super hot to me as well. If you haven’t had a chance to read part one yet, you’ll want to do so. Perchance you’ve already read it? Well, read it again. Hehe. Let’s just dive right in where we left off.


After enjoying that wonderful bit of “me time,” I ready myself for our evening together. You know, shower, hair removal, makeup and hair – the works. As I stare at myself in the fogged over mirror, I gently wipe away the wet residue. My, my. Don’t I look to die for? Laughing, I blow my reflection a kiss and wait for you to darken my doorstep.


Eventually, I hear my doorbell ring. Of course, it’s you, and your goblin awaits. You enter my home, and we do the formalities: we discuss the weather, how we’re doing, how attractive we find one another. It’s all very normal, really. Finally, the subject of getting a drink comes up and I jump at the opportunity to make it a little darker. “Are you ready for a real drink?” I ask, smiling a sinister smile. You nod slowly for me and smile as well. Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever? With that, I take you by the hand and escort you to my deceptively adorable bedroom. With a giggle, I watch you blink and take in the setting. 


“I get that a lot,” I tell you. “I like to think of my bedroom as a great representation of myself. It has an adorable exterior, but under all that cuteness,” I continue, reaching for my blood play box, “it’s kinky as fuck.” You laugh and nod in agreement as I pat the bed, motioning for you to take a seat next to me.


At the foot of my bed is a trunk with a flat top, on it sits two stemmed glasses, ready to be filled with our drawn blood. 


You seat yourself and I, of course, join you while holding the little box of tricks. Once settled, I open it and show you its contents. “Go ahead, touch them,” I tell you, because your curious expression lets me know you’re dying to get your fingers on them. A smile plays upon my lips as I watch you carefully examine and touch my tourniquets, pointy things, and syringes. “Shall I show you how it’s done?” I ask. Your response is positive, so I continue. 


From the box, I pull out a tourniquet and tie it around your upper arm. With a quick motion,  show you that you should squeeze your hand into a fist a few times. I bite my lip, watching your fist make your veins in your arm become more visible. It’s too much for me! Before I know what I’m doing, my tongue is on your flesh, dragging along your arm and into the crook of your elbow, lapping at those raised veins. Your head hangs back, your mouth parts and a wonderful moan escapes your lips. Mmmm. 


“Show me the top of your hand,” I insist, then take an alcohol pad from the box and clean you. The veins in your hand are so plump, so full, and so ready for me to take from you. From the box, I retrieve a sterilized blade and gently slice, shallowly, the top of your hand. Once that gorgeous red liquid appears, I reach for one of the stemmed glasses and let you fill it up about mid way. Then I do the same with the second glass.


How beautiful the blood looks in both of the glasses, coating the sides with its copperyness. 


Your hand is still bleeding, so I hand you one of the filled glasses, and with my other hand, find a Build-A-Bear to press against your hand to stop the flow. It’s then that it becomes evident this particular stuffed friend has several rust-colored stains; this is its purpose. “To beginnings,” I say as I lift my glass upward. 


“To beginnings,” you echo, clinking your glass with mine. It’s then that we finally take large gulps from our glasses. Being a good little goblin, I collect both of our goblets and return them to the top of my trunk. Once I’m back beside you, I lean forward and kiss you. Our lips lock, tongues intertwine and the blood on both of our tongues is still so evident. I love the way you taste, and can’t wait for more, but that’s for another time. Another blog.


I know I left you hanging! I guess that means there will have to be a continuation at some point, huh? Hehe. Don’t forget to check out the audio that goes along with this blog. There are definitely a few special extras on it, if you know what I mean. 


Until next time.





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