Blood Drinking for Beginners – Rhiannon’s Dark Fantasy Part 1


Hey there, handsome. I love sharing my fantasies with you. Even if they tend to border on the dark and, sometimes, taboo, they’re mine to share with willing participants. You’re so willing, aren’t you? Mmm. That definitely makes me happy to think about. Are you ready to hear how I introduce you to the world of drinking blood? Oh, I bet you are. Fantasy or not, talking about such things really gets me going. 


I pace back and forth in my bedroom while looking for the little box I store my supplies in. What kind of supplies, one might ask? Well, I happen to keep a fairly large box of syringes, tourniquets, sterile blades, as well as a bunch of sharp, pointy things. Though, I will admit the sharp, pointy, things are more for show than actual use.


Sadly, I’m having trouble remembering where I stashed the box. 


My fingertips run through my long, raven-colored, locks as I try to jog my memory. I dig through my pile of Build-A-Bears, and haphazardly toss them aside, trying to get down to my bed. Still nothing. With a sigh, I lie on my stomach, on the carpeted floor, and search beneath my bed. Eventually, my outstretched fingertips find the box I’m looking for and I pull it towards me. Once it’s within my grasp, I sit up and open it to make sure everything I need is still in place. My nimble fingertips caress the syringes, causing me to shiver. Mmm.


The thought of extracting a vial of blood, then drinking it, savoring its coppery taste, causes my pussy to be so very wet.


You see, I truly get off on blood play. Mhmm. And you’ve been kind enough to let me experiment with you, to show you the ropes, so to speak. The curiosity you expressed was, frankly, hot as fuck, and I couldn’t believe that I found a willing donor, and taker, in you. My tongue drags across my full and pouty lips as I consider all the things I get to help you experience. A tingling sensation in my clit is very evident, so I have to keep myself from thinking about it too much, but I just can’t help it. 


Chewing on my bottom lip, I reach down my shirt and between my tits to find my phone. With a flick of my finger across the brightly lit screen, I find you in my contacts and send you a text. “Are you ready for tonight?” I ask you, watching the bubbles on my screen appear; you’re answering me!


The response comes back very quickly: “Of course! See you tonight, my little goblin.” Did you just refer to me as a goblin? I chuckle to myself and shake my head. So, a goblin I’ll be. A blood-drinking, draining, sexy, blood play-loving, goblin. 


With that, I flop onto my bed, surrounded by Build-A-Bears, and close my eyes. My imagination begins to run absolutely wild, and I can’t help but slip my hand between my legs to feel my wet folds and tingling clit. 


To be continued…

I hope you’re enjoying this fantasy about drinking blood and doing blood play! If you can’t wait to hear the conclusion, check out the audio. It’s for sale right here. If you enjoy blood, you’ll love my menstrual fetish blog.


Until next time.





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