After a long day at the office, she checked the mail to find a mysterious letter inviting her to a private party at a hotel room at midnight on the dot.

There was no return address and she figured it was maybe something for work. The invitation says to dress formally so she wore a tight elegant dress that showed a little cleavage and some simple black heels. Once she got outside to the hotel room, she noticed how quiet it was. It didn’t sound like a party at all but there was a note on the door that said “Let Yourself In! Follow Your Instructions!” Confused, she did what she was told. When she got inside the room was completely empty, she found a little note and a blindfold on the bed. The note read, “Hello there! I’m glad you could make it! Put your blindfold on and wait for your surprise! Take off your panties and have some trust and be my little blindfolded slut!”

She did what she was told and figured her boss was just such an odd guy and didn’t think much of it. She let her panties fall to the floor around her ankles and slipped the blindfold over her eyes. Sitting on the bed in silence and waiting for her surprise. Then, finally, she heard the door open. She felt the scratchy rope rubbing on her wrists and loved it. She loved feeling like a blindfolded slut for her boss! There was another lady that never spoke a word but she could hear her heels on the floor. Right before she left, she ripped open her black tight dress to reveal her black laced bra.

Blindfolded slut waiting patiently for her surprise!

After waiting in silence for so long, she finally heard the door open again. This time she didn’t hear heels, in fact, this time she couldn’t hear anything at all but she could sense the presence of a man. Maybe her boss, she thought to herself. Then, suddenly she felt his warm fingers rubbing on her pussy. He grunted while he enjoyed pleasuring the blindfolded slut. She let out little moans while he rubbed his fingers all over her sensitive clit. Then, he stops. He grabs her legs and tied them so her legs were sticking right up and her pussy out. She heard his clothes falling to the floor and she felt him crawling on top of her between her legs.

First, he licked her pussy so good that she really couldn’t stop the moans from escaping her slutty little lips. Hot pussy licking had always been her favorite! She felt him move up closer to her and then she felt the tip of his hard smooth cock start to slide into her tight wet pussy. He shoved himself all the way in her and she couldn’t believe how big his cock was! He started ramming her pussy with his large monster cock and making her scream with pleasure. With a cock that big, he could hit spots that no other man could! She absolutely loved her boss’ idea to turn her into a blindfolded slut!

After she felt his warm cum explode all over her and inside of her, he whispered to her saying, “You were great, Princess. My favorite blindfolded slut!”

He got his clothes back on and left the room, she waited patiently for someone to untie her, she has work tomorrow, don’t they know that?! It’s getting late and finally, she hears those heals again. She walks over to her and starts undoing the ropes on her wrists and ankles. She giggles when she’s finished she whispered, ” Wait five minutes after I leave the room to take your blindfold off you little-blindfolded slut!” and she giggled again and left. Five minutes passed, she took off her blindfold and there was another dress to replace one that was ripped.

The morning comes and she’s back at the office. She walks into her boss’s office and told him, ” Nice private party last night boss!” and flashed a smile. With a confused look, he denies ever having a party. If it wasn’t her boss, then who the hell was it that invited her to that party?! She thought to herself. Looks like she became a blindfolded slut for a complete stranger!


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