Blasphemy – It’s Good For Faith’s Soul – Part 2

I stared through the screen in shock.  The Father was masturbating as he was listening to my filthy confession.  It was the truest form of blasphemy. I could see his cock swelling as he stroked his shaft.  My pussy instantly started dripping and my mouth started watering as it did any time I was presented with a cock.  I felt that familiar ache between my legs and knew that I was in trouble. There was just a tiny screen between me and the pleasure I so craved. 

At that moment, he stood up in the booth and faced me.  Did he know I was watching? I’m sure he could hear me breathing harder, but did he know I could see him.  That is when I noticed the sliding door under the screen.

This confessional booth had a built-in glory hole. 

He reached out and slide the little door open. Jerking his cock, he slipped the mushroom head into through the opening.  This was a temptation I’m not capable of denying.  I was already on my knees, so all it took was just a little lean forward. Tentatively I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock and groaned when I felt it twitch at my touch. This was what I needed and craved.  I opened my mouth wide and took the Father’s cock down my throat, sucking him with my wet mouth. 

I could hear his breathing speed up as I deep throated him.  The head of his cock hit the back of my throat over and over making me gag while my spit dripped all over my dress. 

I slid my hand under my panties and started fingering my wet cunt while I sucked him.  Moving my fingers at the same pace I sucked him, I tried to make myself squirt.  It wasn’t working though. I needed more. 

My snatch was aching and I had to have that big thick cock inside me. I stood up and pulled my panties off and drug my skirt up around my waist. Turning around, I backed up and lined the head of his cock with my wet slit. Pushing backward toward the wall, I felt his cock head stretch my tight hole wide open.  I moaned loudly, as he filled me completely.  This was what I needed. 

Nothing that feels this good can be a sin.  

Still holding my rosary, I let the Father’s cock fuck me through the glory hole in the confession booth.  The amount of blasphemy in that one thought was enough to send me over the edge.  I started cumming and squirting while I continued to fuck him. 

Just when I thought his cock couldn’t get any harder, it did, and I heard his deep moan through the wall.  He started cumming, filling up my cunt with all of his holy seed.  

I adjusted my skirt, my pussy still full of his cum, and dropped down to my knees again. The chair he lowered himself to squeaked as he adjusted his robes.  He cleared his throat, and in a strangled voice said “My child, you have been absolved of all of your sins until your next confession.” 

I think I’ll come back tomorrow. 

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