Blasphemy – It’s Good For Faith’s Soul – Part 1

Sometimes I go dark.  I mean, I love all different types of sexy playtime from the sensual vanilla to the kinkiest of kink. Sometimes, though my fantasies take a darker turn.  My mind leads me down this twisted path of blasphemy as I tease my pussy. I’m not sure where it comes from, but it just happens and I’m fantasizing about these filthy things that I would NEVER tell a person in real life. But…I can tell you.  And who knows, maybe you will get just as turned on as I do.

Lately, I have had so much sex that I feel like I need to go to confess my sins to someone. It’s not just the sex though…it’s the kind of sex I’m having.  There has been so much sex with strangers. These strange men I pick up at random places, never stand a chance when I walk over with my sweet little body and tell them that I just need to fuck.  I will never see them again and I am using them for nothing but pleasure. That doesn’t sound so bad for a naughty little slut, does it?  I know it doesn’t – but growing up Catholic, sometimes those old memories come back and I feel like I need to cleanse myself of my sins. 

I walk into the small confession booth holding my rosary. The feelings of embarrassment and guilt overwhelm me.  I can’t believe I’m about to confess my sins, and this Priest is going to hear what a dirty slut I am. 

Lowering myself to my knees, I hold my rosary in my hands and say “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  It has been 300 days since my last confession.” 

I hear the Father’s deep voice say “tell me your sins, child.” 

That’s when I start to talk.  I tell him how I’ve been having sex over and over again, with strangers.  The sex isn’t just with men, though. I’m sleeping with women and couples, and groups.  Don’t even get me started on the constant masturbation.  If I’m not having my holes filled with cock, then my fingers are constantly teasing my clit and I’m filling my little panties up with cream. 

As I start telling him about my naughty adventures, I start to feel that aching throb between my legs.  Oh my God, am I such a slut that I can’t even go to confession without getting turned on? I wiggle uncomfortably on my knees and try to relieve the ache between my legs as I tell him about the man I fucked in the parking lot last week. 

That’s when I started hearing this shuffling noise coming from his side of the booth.  I tried not to lose focus of my confession, but it was distracting. Peeking through the opaque screen, I could see the Father with his robe pulled up around his waist. His head was thrown back against the wall and his eyes were closed. This was the best part though. The Priest was stroking his big, fat cock while he was listening to my confession. 

Come back Sunday for part 2 of my blasphemy story. If you can’t wait til then, you should purchase my audio. You’ll love hearing this story in my sexy voice.

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