Blackmailed By My Ex’s Dad – Part 2

I turned around and slid my shorts off. I leaned against the couch and thought about how I got in this situation. Was I really about to get blackmailed into fucking by my ex’s dad? All of a sudden, I felt his hard cock tickle my pussy lips, and all thoughts left my head. Jack grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled me back against him, ramming his dick into me. I yelled out, my fingernails digging into the leather couch.

Jack began to fuck me. Hard. There was no tenderness to be found. Tears began streaming down my face. I couldn’t help but release a moan as I felt his balls slap hard against my swollen clit. 

As moans and cries escaped me, I could feel my pussy adjusting to his size.

Just as I was getting comfortable, he pulled out.

I gasped at the sudden emptiness within my vagina. All of a sudden, I heard him spit, and then he rubbed it into my asshole. Before I could object, he began to push his cock slowly into my tight shit hole. I cried out, knowing I’ve only ever had a finger in my ass. Now I was about to take a huge penis back there.

I tried focusing on my breathing, but every inch he pushed in shocked me. It was such a new feeling, my ass being filled up. I know his son would have never done anything like this with me, which excited me. I was fucking my ex’s dad… and he was a million times better than my ex ever was.

He loosened his grip around my hair, and reached his hand down to my clit while he fucked my little ass hole. He began rubbing, and my eyes rolled up as I cried out in ecstasy.

Something about having my ass filled and my clit rubbed was just the perfect combination.

I began to get close to orgasm. The only thought I could think was my ex would sit on this leather couch I was about to orgasm all over. That’s what pushed me over the edge. I cried out, squirting all over. Jack pulled out of my ass and turned me around. Falling to my knees in front of him, suddenly his cock was in my mouth. I gagged a little, smelling my ass juice on his cock, but I had to do as he said.

I licked the tip and wrapped my lips around his head. He began fucking my face, looking up at the ceiling. I wonder if he was as shocked at the events that started with a little stuffed pig. He started to tense up, and as he pulled out, cum started shooting all over my face. I stuck out my tongue, catching cum like snowflakes.

Once he finished all over my face, he walked away, leaving me on the floor covered in cum and still shaking from my own orgasm. He came back and tossed me a towel. “Now you know what happens when you break into my home,” he said as I wiped my face. I smiled knowingly at him and grabbed my stuffed pig. “So I assume I’ll be seeing you soon?” I nodded, realizing I loved being blackmailed.


I hope you liked my story about being blackmailed by my ex’s dad! If you haven’t yet, read Part 1 here! Also, if you’re craving more, buy my audio blog here, where I tell this story in such a fun, sexy way!

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