Blackmailed By My Ex’s Dad – Part 1

I just went through a recent breakup with my now-ex, Ian. It was somewhat mutual, he had been a huge asshole to me and always threatened to break up with me or blackmailed me over the smallest shit. So one day, I took the offer. I didn’t even enjoy the sex, so what’s the point of staying with an asshole like him? 

One day I was looking through my stuffed animals. I realized one was missing: my pig stuffy. I looked everywhere, when all of a sudden I realized where he was. He was still at Ian’s house, probably stuffed in his closet. I sigh… knowing what I have to do. I dig in my bag and pull out a key… a key to his house.

They told me to only use it for emergencies… but rescuing my pig seemed like enough of an emergency to me.


I step out of my car. I know if I get caught by Ian, I’ll never hear the end of it. So I slowly I walk up to his door and open it quietly and step in. I rushed over to his room. Finally, I’m staring at his messy closet. 

I start digging through the junk. Finally, I see my pig’s snout sticking out. She’s here! Pulling her out and hugging her was my next course of action.

I exit his room while snuggling her, only to bump into a wall of a man.

I freeze and look up, just to see Ian’s dad, Jack, staring down at me, anger and confusion growing on his face.

“Sophia??? What the fuck are you doing here??” He said, grabbing my wrist.

“I was just picking up something I left here…” Jack ripped the stuffed pig out of my hands and looked at it.

“Was this worth breaking into my home? I should call the cops.” I gasped and reached for my pig. Jack raised it above my head so I couldn’t reach it.

“Please don’t call the cops Jack. I’ll do anything. I’m so sorry.” 

Jack’s face softened, and he lowered the pig into my hands. “Go sit on the couch while I decide what to do with you.” I walked over to the couch and sat.  He stood there, thinking intensely. 

“We can make a deal. Do what I say, and I won’t call the cops and I won’t tell Ian.” Was I being blackmailed?

I looked at him, filled with fear. However, I nodded in agreement. “Perfect.” 

He pulled my pig out of my hands. He then grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet, forcing a kiss onto my lips. I gasped and pulled away. “I said… do what I say,” he growled, forcing another kiss into me. 

Jack started pulling my tank top off. I stand there, helpless against his advances. He then pulls at my shorts, unbuttoning them and shoving his hand down them. I gasp as his hand finds my pussy. He begins fingering me, my pussy becoming wetter and wetter against his touch.

“That’s my girl,” Jack whispered. “Now turn around against the couch baby. It’s time for you to get punished.”


I hope you liked Part 1 of my ex’s dad blackmailing me! Come back on Friday for Part 2, but if you can’t wait until then, purchase my audio blog here! I tell it in a whole new way and in my sexy voice! If you liked this story, I bet you’ll like this one! It’s all about paying for an unrequited crush.

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