Blackmail Extortion – I Wanna Be A Sugar Baby – Sophie’s Scandal Part 1

Do you remember that time I screwed my boss’s hubby in her office? Well, I had some time to simmer on that realization for a little while. I decided it was my time to get what I wanted because I was sick of being bossed around. So, I had a plan and it involved some blackmail extortion. It was time I got what I deserved.

Boss Lady’s hubby didn’t come to her office often but the next time he did, I let him know I wanted to have dinner with him sometime. That was when he gave me his phone number with a schedule as to when I could and couldn’t text him.

I couldn’t believe I was actually going to go through with this. But there was no turning back now. I already said I’d join him for dinner.

A few nights later I arrived early to my date with Boss Lady’s husband. It was one thing to fuck a man but it was on a whole new level of sexy when I knew I was going to fuck a married man. My panties were already starting to dampen with need at that thought. Not to mention the thought of executing my plan.

I checked my reflection in the rearview mirror and primped my hair.

My high heels clicked loudly against the concrete driveway when I got out. I wore a black pair of pumps, nude stockings, a short jean mini skirt, and a thin white tank top over a black bra. You could see it clearly through the skin-tight shirt. I also carried a camera in my purse.

When I got to the front door, I rang the bell. Mr. Boss Lady answered with a welcoming smile. He ushered me inside, closing the door behind him. The house was huge and it smelled so good!

He led me to the dining room where a decent-sized wooden table sat in the middle with six chairs surrounding it. Mr. Hubby pulled a chair out for me and I sat with a smile. We chatted for a few minutes saying hello and catching up when a loud beep came from the kitchen. He rushed out of the room muttering something about the food.

While I had the opportunity, I took a mini camera out of my purse and carefully placed it inside a bouquet of flowers in the center of the table. I rearranged some stems and petals so that I could cover up the camera.

It was as good as it was going to get.

Mr. Hubby got back with the food and set the plates in front of each of our chairs. My eyes moved from the dinner to his face and I smiled. “I’m not terribly hungry right now.” I gave him a wink. “Not for food, at least.”

His eyebrows raised. I stood up and put my arms around his neck. He wanted me and we both knew it. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and my hands slid down his back, wrapping around his hips and moving toward his center. His hips pushed against my hands eagerly. “I can tell you’re not hungry for food right now either.”

His lips moved to my neck while his hands cupped my firm ass. He was so ready to get some action and I was so ready to get something else. The action was just a bonus.

Can’t wait for Part 2 of my blackmail extortion blog on Friday? Check out my audio blog version with more dirty details and a tickler for a future story. If you’d like to read more naughty action, go to check out my Office Sex blog.

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