Blackjack at the Neighbor’s – Part 2

Blackjack with the Neighbors was about to get interesting.  There were Neal and Bob the two neighbors who lived directly across from me.  Mike, who lived to the right of me, Jerry who lived to the right of him, and Frank, the eldest of the group who was a widower, living at the end of the block.  As Frank sat down next to me, he told us that he was 73 and had never played blackjack.  When I asked him if he was excited to play strip blackjack he said “he wasn’t wanting to see any naked men,” but wouldn’t mind seeing me naked.  I wasn’t sure now, how Frank would fit into my plan, but we started playing and I lost a few hands to set up the sting.

I Whispered the Setup

The first few hands went quickly.  I stripped off my shoes, socks and t-shirt and Frank stripped his belt.  When Frank excused himself to get a snack, I went with him.  I took him to the side in the kitchen and told him my plan.  I also told him it was a setup as I had been playing cards since I was 6 years old.  I promised to let Frank see me naked the next day if he didn’t want to be involved in what was going to happen.  He didn’t have to play blackjack at the neighbors to get what he wanted.

We sat back down for one more hand.  Frank threw the game, and suddenly said that if he was going to lose all his money and his clothes that he would quit now.  He wished us all a good night and went home.

Only Four Were Left

A few hands later, all four remaining men were in their underwear, and I was still in my shorts and bra.  The look on both Mike and Jerry’s faces were very telling.  They must have thought they were going to get me naked on the next hand and exact their punishment.  I had heard them whispering about how they had never had a threesome.  I had other plans.

I won the next hand and playing blackjack at the neighbor’s house was starting to get fun.  One man down – It was Mike.  I made Mike stand naked on top of the table.  I told the other three to sit right in front of him while I dealt the next hand.  Bam!  What do you know?  I won that hand too.  Neal and Jerry were out, butt naked and begging me not to make them suck cock.

Time for Punishment

Silly men.  I had far more devious ideas for punishment.  I had one more neighbor to take down.  But first I wanted to really make him sweat.  I told Mike to start stroking himself, and I made Neal and Jerry get on their knees.  I instructed Jerry to spread his ass cheeks and I pushed Neal’s head right up to that hole, and I told him to lick it.   One lick, then two, then three.  I only told him to lick it once, but he started to really get into it.  So, I let him continue.  Jerry didn’t mind.  Before Bob dealt the last hand I told Mike to climb off the table and start stroking it in front of Jerry’s face.

I Didn’t Make Any Promises

I hadn’t anticipated these guys really going full gusto on my demands.  And, I still needed to finish off one more player.  Before I picked up my cards, I took a couple of photos just in case.  Jerry was sort of getting spit-roasted.  Neal was really slurping up his balls, and to be honest I was a little nervous for Jerry.  Bob had blackjack.  So did I.  One more round to go.  Bob was laughing at his three compadres.  He begged me not to make him do anything like that if he lost.  I told him I couldn’t make any promises.

What Was the Real Plan

Bob asked if it was my plan all along to get them all naked and force them to do things they didn’t normally do.  It wasn’t, but when Mike and Neal actually did it with no real fight, I figured I would see how far I could push them.  I got blackjack again.  So did Bob.  Bob put the cards down, backed away from the table and got dressed.  He handed me my clothes to put on, grabbed my hand and started walking me out the door as we said goodnight to all the blackjack losers.  Bob said he was walking me home to do to me what he had planned all along.


I hope you enjoyed this naughty twist of a tale.  If you missed it, you can find Part1 here.  The audio is a little racier.  If you liked this story, check out this one.


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