Blackjack at the Neighbors – Part1

How could an innocent game of blackjack with the neighbors turn so quickly into something entirely different?  I guess it all depends on your point of view.  This true story is a lesson about how when you play the game, you should know who you are playing with.  Also, this story shows quickly things go to the unexpected when you lose and can’t pay up.  When you play with Chrissy there’s no telling what could happen.

It Starts at Home

Neal and Bob live side by side in the two houses directly across from mine.  Their wives are both average stay at home PTA moms.  They are those women that go to the home MLM parties and get together and paint ceramics.  If you have read any of my stories or have had the chance to play with me, then you know that I am not like that.  At all.  Sure, I like candles, and fake jewelry and make-up.  But I also like to have fun.  Those parties are boring.  Blackjack is fun.  Blackjack with my neighbors Neal and Bob is better than fun.  It’s explosive.

Every Year They Plan

Every year at the neighborhood block party the wives get together and plan their wives out weekend.  This is a weekend where 5 – 9 of my neighbor wives go out of town on a short cruise or party weekend.  One year they went to the Bahamas for four days.  Last year it was Vegas.  I was tempted to go with them to Las Vegas but I really just wanted to play cards.  When I heard that the husbands were staying at home to watch their kids and play blackjack, I decided I would stay too.

The idea of taking some of these guys down with a quick game of blackjack was exactly what I needed for my soul.  I was also hoping to find someone strong enough to make it interesting for me.  Excited about the game, I was almost giddy when I was picking up the stack of five-dollar bills at the bank.

The Neighbors Set the Game

As neighbors with kids opted out of a night away from their houses.  Neal invited the 5 of us that were left to his childless home.  We each brought a drink and a dish to share.  I was wondering if I would get to play or if I would be relegated to the role of dealer.  These guys never really engaged with me.  I didn’t know if it was because they didn’t want to upset their wives, or if they just didn’t like me.  And I decided that I didn’t care.  I was going to have fun anyway I could.  As we took our seats around the round table set up in the middle of the living room, Neal asked if we should play strip blackjack?  Of course, I said yes.

It Was Strip Blackjack

The other hubbies looked a little shocked and like they had been caught doing something wrong.  Poor guys.  Surely being married couldn’t be THAT bad!  A game of blackjack at the neighbor’s house just got real.  Reluctantly they all agreed, and as we started talking about the rules of the strip, all I wanted was the answer to two little questions.  I wanted to know if the winner takes the pot and chooses the losing penance.  The table looked serious as they decided that adding a losing penalty would be a twist and a fun way to play the game.  There could only be one winner, and that meant the other 5 losers would have to suffer.  It was only Bob who saw the smile creep across my face.  He looked nervous, I think that was when he realized there was a shark in the room.


Check back on Friday to read Part 2.  The complete audio version with added dirty details is available for purchase here.  Check out other saucy neighbor stories here.


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