Have you been waiting in desperate anticipation for the rest of this bloody story? I have! Cum enjoy part two of Bitten by a Vampire. However, it’s not for the faint of heart!

He leaned forward and kissed me hard, his lips tasting metallic against mine, yet the taste left me wet between my legs. He ripped off the remains of my dress until I was left in nothing but my tattered slip; yet even out in the evening air, I was not cold, I was bold. With haste, I tore open his shirt, running my hands up his cold undead chest. The vampire’s hand wandered up in between my legs and stroked me, smirking at the moan he drew from me, gripping my throat again as he thrust his chilled fingers into me. Never in my life had I wished to feel far more cold than warm, yet with this strange creature I was made to feel and want things I never thought I would.

“M-More…oh P- please, more…” I pleaded, rutting my hips against his hand.

He grinned evilly at me and dropped to his knees, kissing and sucking at my thighs before sinking his teeth into the soft flesh, far too roughly. Still, I love being bitten by a vampire! He lapped at the dark liquid as it spilled down my pale, quivering legs before moving further up. He pushed one leg up and licked my clit then moved to suck on that bundle of nerves while thrusting two fingers into me knuckle deep. His actions didn’t stop nor slow until I was brought down to nothing but a trembling and moaning mess of nerves and lust.

“Please stop t-teasing me!” I exclaimed, clutching his hair and tugging. “I-I need more, I want you…please!”

He moved to stand, shoving me against the hard brick wall. He bit into his wrist, holding the bloodied limb to my mouth for me to drink. I did, curse me, I did. It was like my mind wasn’t my own; I wanted nothing but MORE. Licking and sucking at the open wound, I felt the monster use his other hand to undo and release himself from the confines of his trousers. He gripped my thigh and wrapped it around his waist, his hardened cock sliding into me with ease, despite how stretched wide he made me. The sensation of being full to bursting grows as my walls clamp down around him.

“Dear Lord!” The vampire choked out, pulling out to slam back into me.

He continued to fuck me against the wall of the alley as the rain started to drizzle down. Pulling my face to the side, he sank his teeth into my neck, drawing blood from me until I went somewhat limp in his arms, boneless and weak. My moans turned into near screams as I reached my peak, clawing at the vampire’s back as I tightened around him and came the last of my brains out. The vampire spun me around and shove my face into the brick, almost fucking me through the wall before stiffening and groaning, spilling his seed. The two of us crumpled there for a moment, bloodied and post-orgasmic. 

I felt a kiss on top of my head. “You’re worth a next time,” a deep voice rasped. Just as suddenly, he was gone. And my dress was ruined. Men. 

Still, I managed to smile. Perhaps next time, I thought, already beginning to feel the change within me. Next time we would both be creatures of the night and I would be on equal footing with him. He may have dominated me and used me, but when he returned for me, perhaps I would do the same. And I couldn’t wait for that. Let’s see if he likes being bitten by a vampire.

If this turned you on, you should get a bite out of me personally. And the rest of my work can be found here.

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