Sometimes you just want to give into your desires and be bitten by a vampire. To let a vampire fuck you in an alleyway. My vampire fantasy started in Victorian London, the way all the good ones do. I walked down the grimy streets of London, lifting the front of my dress as I went. I knew it was dangerous for a woman to be out at such an ungodly hour, but I had no choice. My shoes clicked against cracked cobblestones beneath me, the sound bouncing off the walls getting faster as I sped up. I was aware of the discomforting feeling that someone was watching me. The faster I walked, the worse my feeling got, settling in my stomach like lead.

Suddenly, I stopped upon hearing a voice.

“Good evening, M’lady,” a voice purred behind me, breath hot on my neck.

I whipped around to find a clear pathway before turning back around to make a run for it, only to jump and scream. The man pushed me against a wall, firm hand over my mouth to keep me silent and, despite my struggles, I couldn’t fight against him. He was far too strong. It was at that moment I knew what he really was. He wrapped a hand around my throat, tight and unforgiving.

The vampire wasted no time and tore my corset apart with his other hand, revealing my breasts before sucking the peak of my right breast into his mouth, groping the other as I arched into his rough touch, moaning wantonly. 

Wait, moaning wantonly? Well, it did feel good and I’d been expecting him to just bite me and kill me, not suck on my tits. 

“Oh, fuck…” I breathed out softly, hand reaching out to grip his long inky locks.

Never in all my young innocence did I think I’d fall under the spell of a vampire. Let alone allow him to drag out my deepest, most depraved sexual fantasies, and yet here I was. I could feel my desire pool low in my belly, heating up. I knew there was no turning back, nor could I ever fathom it.

Mewling, I felt the vampire’s tongue lap over my nipple before sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of my bosom, licking over the crimson fluid that slipped down my chest.

“Yes…oh yes…” I moaned loudly, egging on his blood lust.

“You’re the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid my eyes upon,” he breathed. He stared me down with his red, lust hazed eyes.

“And you the most beautiful monster I have ever seen,” I said with a flirtatious smile, biting my lip as my eyes flicked down to his own bloodied ones. I couldn’t even begin to understand where these words were coming from, but I knew deep inside that I would do anything for this man, this monster to use me right here in the alley, and to be bitten by a vampire again.

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