Bisexual Cuck Fantasy – Allowed To Watch The Show – Part 2

If you are just joining my Bisexual Cuck Fantasy, then you can pick your options. #1 Go read part 1 of my erotically steamy blog, or #2 Purchase my sexy audio with bonus details (don’t have the volume up at work), or #3 Read part 1 and become one of the exclusive clients to own details of my fantasy on audio!

When she couldn’t go any further, he gave her some help. Mr. Jones grabbed her by the back of the head, shoving the rest of it into her throat. I could see the spit dripping from his balls, as tears welled up in her eyes. He didn’t care, he pushed it in even deeper. Mr. Jones leaned in and slapped her ass as hard as he could, leaving a perfect hand print.

This made Stacy jump even more forward onto his cock, already buried deep into her throat.

He ripped his cock out of her cunt, and winked at her. “You are such a good girl, Stacy.” Mr. Jones praised her the deeper she went. Finally, he threw her on the bed belly down. My pussy was dripping wet, as I plunged my vibrator deep. I let out just the slightest moan. As he reached up with both hands and slid his fingers into the sides of her cheeks, he made her open wide.

Mr. Jones spread her mouth wide, just like a sex doll with no choice.

He forced his cock deeper and deeper inside her dripping cunt. She moaned hard as it split her lips, filling her up tight. I could see it reappear, and disappear inside her. As her eyes rolled into the back of her, I took a deep breath. He smiled a devilish grin at me and once more slammed his cock inside. Mr. Jones whispered “hold on tight you little slut,” as he got up on his feet.

He began to squat like a frog while pulling his cock out, and began to pound Stacy’s asshole.

His balls slapped against her clit louder, and louder. As this monster pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt, her moaning quickly became screaming.  I plunged my fingers inside my cunt, while letting my vibrator take over my clit. In a split second, Stacy winked at me as she arched her back, squirting all over him. Mr. Jones smiled and slid a finger into her ass, next to his cock.

Soon he continued to stretch her asshole, which made her moan and squirt even harder.

Stacy didn’t normally let anyone manhandle her like this, usually I was the submissive victim. But not this time, this time I was just a by standard. He grabbed her by the hips, shoving his cock back into her throbbing cunt. Stacy was his little rag doll, and it was obvious she loved every minute. Mr. Jones threw her onto her side, as he plunged deep inside her tight little asshole, again.

She reached for me, she needed something to grab onto as he put her leg over his shoulder, and tightened his hand around her neck.

He thrusted hard over and over, as Stacy’s tits bounced everyway. “Hold her nipples tight, and open up.” I looked up only to realize Mr. Jones was now speaking to me. I did as I was told, squeezing each nipple tight. My mouth and throat opened up, wide. Instinctively, I began sucking him dry and licking her cum off his cock.

“Don’t miss a single fucking drop,” Mr. Jones demanded in a stern tone.

He then shoved my head down into her cunt, making me clean up every last drop of their mess. While sucking up every last drop, I made Stacy squeal and squirm. Finally, I finished and she leaned in to kissed me. Stacy walked Mr. Jones to the door, giving him a quick kiss as she basically threw him out. She came back to bed and laid next to me, giggling uncontrollably.

We both knew this was just the beginning of my bisexual cuck fantasy.

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