Bisexual Cuck Fantasy – Allowed To Watch The Show – Part 1

My friends have always said I am a little more gay, than straight. Of course, my legs will open right up for the right cock. However, there is something so hot about having a juicy pair of pussy lips grind on your face. It’s like making out with a juicier mouth, but way more fun. I was in a relationship with a girl named Stacy, on and off during college.

But you know me, there was always a sneaky link cock around the corner.

We would fuck guys when we felt the need, and even shared a few from time to time. However, something always brought me back to Stacy. It could have been the dark flowing hair, her massive tits, or her cunt. Her juicy cunt was always clean, shaved, and wet, just the way I like it.

After a hot and steamy Fuckfest, Stacy and I had a fun idea.

I don’t know how she knew my fantasy, but after talking it was apparent, she shared a similar fantasy. One night after mid-terms we were laying in my bed gossiping and watching mindless tv. Discussion our big secret of the semester so far, which was that we started the week by fucking our professor. Both of us hated history, but had an older black stud as our professor.

Stacy was giggling, and we began making out with each other.

As she leaned on top of me, she bit my bra strap and began to pull it down. Just then, we heard a knock at the door. Stacy popped up and giggled running to the door, she cracked it ever so slightly. “Who is it?” Stacy peeked her head out of the door as she giggled, bending over and teasing me with her perfect ass.

A tall and extremely handsome, dark gentleman walked through the door.

“Oh, professor Jones what else can we help you with?” I spoke up as I looked at the door. In an instant, Jones walked through the door picking Stacy up by her waist. He shoved his tongue down her throat, as she wrapped her legs around his waist. My cunt instantly began to drip. Was this actually happening? Stacy pulled her face away from his just long enough to look at me.

“Don’t move, Raven.”

Stacy embraced Mr. Jones, as she whispered for him to go sit down. She spoke up, “I know you’ve joined me before, but tonight you get to watch me get fucked.” Stacy strolled over to my side of the couch and gave me a kiss, leaving my vibrator on my lap. She kissed me hard, and bit my lip as she pulled away.

Stacy ripped his belt off, and simultaneously pulled his cock out of his pants.

Mr. Jones’ cock came with little disappointment, it was absolutely massive. My cunt got even more wet, when I thought about how tight Stacy was. I knew his cock was going to destroy her, and I couldn’t wait to watch every moment. She wiggled his monster cock at me, and began to suck every inch of it.

She tried her best to get it all the way into her throat.

Of course you DIRTY boys and girls enjoyed reading part one of my BiSexual Cuck Fantasy. Cum back on Friday to read part two! If you are as naughty as me and can’t wait, you can purchase my naughty audio blog, there are always extra details.  Don’t forget I am starting to build my collection, so check out another one of my naughty adventures.

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