ell Bisexual Control.

Bisexual Control. I told Sally to be gentle but I want it all. She was the first girl I kissed and let touch me. As well as she was the first girl I touched later on. She took me slowly to where I even begged her to eat me and she did. I lost count of how many times she got me off. I learned new things from Sally she made my body scream out and me as well. Her tongue went to places I never thought of. I got the best toe-sucking ever plus she licked and kissed every square inch of my body.

Deep concentration 

She paid a considerable amount of time to my ass, and when I felt her tongue on my asshole I just pulled my cheeks apart. I’m being rimmed and I was loving it. When it came to my turn I was hesitant but just did as she instructed. I never tasted pussy well. I’ve tasted my own. I’ll admit I enjoyed going down. I enjoyed licking her nipples and fingering her and I did and I can’t believe I did. I rimmed her ass.

Afterward I was in need to try this toy 

Then topping off the cake she breaks out toys, the one that caught my attention was her strap. Boy oh boy if my ex-bf could see me now he’d shit. So being a good girl I suck her strap on, I’m dying to feel what this is going to be like. Then she goes down on me again oh I’m so willing I have my legs so open I’m waiting and waiting she gets closer I can feel her right by my slit then oh my slowly she began working herself in me. I’m being fucked by another girl, so into this, I’m moving with her not missing a single thrust.

Anal was the most enjoyable 

She’s in me deep pumping me fucking me good she says you like the way I’m fucking you, I said oh yes don’t stop and she didn’t I was soon coming hard. She then instructs me to turn over and get on all fours as she goes in doggy, oh wow it’s deeper I’m moving my ass to match her pumping me. She stops after I have orgasmed again. SuddenlyShe says as she lubes up my ass hole I want your ass. I’ve had anal before but not with a girl. Afterward, she lubes up, takes aim and slowly I feel her enter my ass. I felt my asshole opening up to take It. 

Pleasing myself while being pounded 

I feel an occasional ass slap but more ass pumping from her .I was rubbing my clit while she was pounding me. After a while, we stopped. I started at her lips down to her hard nipples to get to her stomach, I face first between her legs and started drinking from her pussy, turn over and open up your ass for me.Then  I tongued her asshole plus fingered it until she got off. I fucked her ass so good, she’d throw it back at me I drove the strap on deeper.

Then we reminisced

After a good ass fucking I stopped and took off the condom she sucked the strap on I went for her pussy once and I fucked her good talk while listening to her moan for more. Afterward, we lay there, so how was your first time Harper?  Sally, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy sex with another girl it was deep and fun. We made out for a while longer, felt each other up, got dressed, had a drink at her apartment, and agreed we’d hook up again. I left. I felt new, I felt like I was reborn.

Bisexual Control -Harper loves exploring her fantasies

I still like dick there’s something about being with another girl. It’s hot. I’m liking it. Now did Sally and I hook up again hell yea. After a few weeks I guess you can say I was talked into having my ever 1st girl on girl action. Now I’ve thought back to what if I didn’t dump his ass. This experience would have passed me by. This was an experience Sally and I kept and after  Then, we continued hooking up. If you enjoyed Bisexual Control -Harper loves exploring her fantasies check out my other  blogs here 


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