Bisexual Control

Bisexual Control. This night in particular I was so lonely. I decided to stop by this club where I knew there would be someone I knew. This club was different; it had a mixture of people. Straight bisexual and lesbian. Since I was a bit curious I went in. The club was crowded but not so crowded that you couldn’t walk around. I got myself a drink and sat down taking in the scenery. I’m dressed in a short mid-thigh skirt, boots, and a nice top and I’m wearing my new leather coat. The makeup looks good. I smell great now I wait and see.

We started to make small talk 

I’m halfway through my drink when a female came over to me. We started chatting. She has such a pretty great body from where I’m sitting. Her name is Sally, she’s about if not the same age as me I’m 20. Her dark hair is perfect, her dark blue is so sexy she’s wearing a white skirt, black blouse, and black boots. We talked for a while and she said she’d be back. I ordered one more drink and walked around. I’m standing by this partition looking into the crowd. I feel this hand on my ass. I turned around so quickly but it was Sally.

Suddenly there was a connection

Got you she says oh really funny. We started talking again. Off to the back now. We are sitting in a booth rather close. I’m sorta drawn to Sally. She’s so pretty and really easy to talk to. I tell her I just broke off with my so-called boyfriend. I’m so over him. She says sorry to hear that, then puts her hand on my hand and starts comforting me. Now she’s placed her hand on my thigh, I’m not stopping her, it’s rather I’m being turned on. I uncrossed my legs as she moved up my legs, inner thighs then outer thighs. We are making eye contact. I see the look in her eyes. I open my legs slightly more and her hand goes up.

Sneaking and doing it 

I’m now turned on but still in control. I move up a bit in the booth and open my legs more, she’s right there. I feel her using her finger to go over my asshole and pussy. I’m stimulated. My legs now are wide open, and I’m constantly looking to see who’s watching but nobody is. Her finger is now underneath my panties, and my asshole and pussy are now being teased. I kissed her and we kept kissing gosh she kisses so nicely. I tongue her, she tongues me back I felt her pushing her finger just the tip into my ass. I’m having my ass fingered.

Bisexual Control -Harper loves exploring her fantasies

I relaxed as she tried to go in further. She then inserts her finger into me Oh yes!  I grab her hand and push my pussy to meet her finger. I kissed her and said don’t you dare stop. She fingers my pussy and teases my asshole with another finger. I get off, I’m coming. With a devious look on her face, she says well you look like you would like more I’d be a fool to say no so I say hell yes where, but keep in mind this is my very first time. I’m more into guys but I’m up for a new experience. If you enjoyed Bisexual Control -Harper loves exploring her fantasies check out my other  blogs here 

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