Left you on a cliffhanger! See what else I do to my bisexual boys in the shower!

Arthur licked his lips, considering, and I saw the moment a decision was made. “Any room for a third in this particular dance?” he asked.

“Get those clothes off and maybe we’ll see,” I said, standing up straight again and slowly grinding my hips back against Rory, who had stopped moving, just to hear him muffle a moan.

Arthur stripped as fast as his layers would allow, and climbed into the shower in front of me, kissing my hard before he did anything else. His hands came up to my breasts after a moment and that was what reminded me that his mouth had other purposes.

I broke the kiss giving Arthur a little push on his chest, and leaned back against Rory, trusting his strength and traction not to let my fall as I kept eye contact with Arthur. Slowly, so they wouldn’t fall, I brought one leg up and put my foot on the edge of the tub.

“On your knees, baby.”

Arthur didn’t hesitate for a second, dropping to his knees and sealing his mouth to my clit, making me moan. My hips stuttered toward his mouth and I heard the muffled curse from Rory behind me. He adjusted to have one hand under my thigh and one around my waist, supporting me as he started to move again. Rory fucking my sensitive hole as Arthur’s tongue pushed against my clit was overwhelming, and I got a hand into the hair of each man. Even as I let them take the reins, I was trusting them to do what I had them well-trained to do. They both knew how I wanted to be pleased.

“Harder, Rory,” I gasped out, and my fingers clenched in Arthur’s hair when he obeyed, forcing me forward against Arthur’s mouth a little more. Arthur dipped down, his tongue venturing into my pussy for a taste of me, then back to my clit. “More of that, Arthur,” I ordered, and he faithfully returned to my pussy.

It ripped a scream out of me when I came, gripping my bisexual boys by the hair hard enough to hurt, clenching hard around Rory’s cock as I filled Arthur’s mouth with my pleasure, blinded with it as it rocked me hard. As I shuddered through aftershocks, both men slowed to a stop. Arthur sat back, panting with his mouth slack and pupils blown, his cock standing out between his thighs. Rory was shaking a little behind me, fingers gripping my hips tight and face buried against my neck.

“Please, ma’am, can I come?”

“No,” I said, and squirmed until Rory slipped out of me. I couldn’t help smiling at the little whimper he gave. With some helping hands, I leaned over to turn the water off — it had finally begun to cool — then climbed out of the tub, grabbing a towel and letting out a quick breath as I waited for my legs to regain their strength. “Looks like Arthur needs to be serviced, doesn’t he?”

The boys traded positions on command, Arthur standing up and Rory dropping to his knees. They didn’t waste any time as I sat down on the toilet lid, leaning over with my elbow on the sink and managing to look like a queen on my throne as I watched. Rory swallowed Arthur’s cock without ceremony, Arthur murmuring encouragement and keeping a hand on the back of Rory’s head, helping him stay down even when he choked.

I enjoyed the view as Rory worked diligently and, on a whim, had Arthur pull out and come on Rory’s chest at the last moment. These were such good bisexual boys. I handed the panting, wet Arthur a towel as he climbed out, then leaned over to stroke Rory’s wet hair. I smiled at how he leaned into the touch, so eager for affection after what I’d just finished putting him through.

“Do you wanna come, sweetheart?”

Rory didn’t answer, but I saw the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed hard.

My smile broadened. “You wanna stay like this for me, don’t you? Such a good boy, hard and eager for me anytime I want, is that right?”

Rory shivered, eyes fluttering shut for a moment, and nodded.

“Good boy.” I swiped some of Arthur’s come off Rory’s skin with my thumb. “Now, it looks like you got some cleanin’ up to do, don’t you?” I asked, pushing my thumb between Rory’s lips to make him suck it clean. “We’re outta hot water, but I think maybe you could use the cold.”

Rory shivered again and nodded as I stood up. “Yes, ma’am.”

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