What’s better than two in a shower? Three! Join me with my bisexual boys and all the fun we have.

Rory had found the lube. The good kind, the kind that took a long time to wash away with water. I had rarely indulged in this with him but now that I had him so well trained, I’d demand it whenever I felt like. That was my mood today, with Rory sharing my shower.

I turned my back to Rory, letting the water run down my front. The snap of the bottle cap opening echoed around the bathroom and I bent forward a little to offer encouragement, bracing my hands against the front wall.

The only fingers I felt were for the lube to be applied to my tight hole, quickly replaced with the head of Rory’s cock. He pressed in a half-inch, until he felt resistance, then retreated so his skin was just kissing mine. Then again, pressing against that resistance for just a split second before withdrawing. Then again, and again.

I let my head fall forward and took deep breaths, willing myself to relax.

It wasn’t hard — lazy Saturday afternoon, steamy bathroom, warm water. Hearing his labored breathing, I smiled, knowing how hard it was for him to take it slow like this, how much self-control it took. I liked that. I got off more than a little on knowing how difficult it was to please me, and that my man was doing it anyway. He was the most obedient of the bisexual boys that I knew.

With all that slow, gentle probing- and all the rimming I made him do last night- it didn’t hurt at all when the head of Rory’s cock popped inside. There was just the hint of discomfort, but it faded quickly as Rory thrust all the way in, sounding like he was trying not to groan. I sighed happily and stood up so my back was pressed to Rory’s front, reaching back to get a hand in his hair. 

“Good boy,” I praised, scratching lightly with my fingertips. “Feels good so far.”

Rory let out a shaky breath against my neck and pressed his hand to my lower stomach, bracing me in place as he started to move. His thrusts were slow, gentle, letting me feel every inch of him sliding in and out of my ass. I could feel my pulse in my clit, and wondered if Rory could feel it in his cock.

“You know the rules, now,” I said, voice breathy. “You don’t come unless I say, if I say.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rory said dutifully. He never forgot the rules, but the reminder didn’t hurt.

His other hand was on my breast, squeezing gently and pinching my nipple lightly, and I didn’t feel like putting a stop to that. So I slid my own hand down between my legs, stroking my clit with light fingers and moaning loud. Some part of me was just doing it to get to Rory, to make sure he thought good and hard about the pleasure he might or might not get when I was done with him.

I didn’t rub hard because I didn’t want to come yet, intending to enjoy this slow, sweet build for a long while, but eventually, my fingers started to press harder. At some point, I’d bent over enough for water to be running down my back, Rory holding onto my hips as he fucked into me, my free hand planted on the wall again. Rory was starting to breathe my name like a prayer when a third voice echoed through the room.

“Well, well, what have we here?”

The curtain was thrown back. I tossed my wet hair out of my face as I turned to look at Arthur. I watched his eyes as he looked over my body, looked at Rory’s face. Then he looked at where we were joined, taking in and assessing the situation quickly. He looked at my face again and I smiled. We knew each other well enough for Arthur to know exactly what was going on and the amusement at catching us being so loud quickly shifted to reverence and desire. He wasn’t nearly so inclined to give up control as Rory was. I considered it a badge of pride that he’d gladly be under my thumb. Maybe I’d get to play with my bisexual boys!

He licked his lips, considering, and I saw the moment a decision was made. “Any room for a third in this particular dance?” he asked.

To Be Continued…

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