Birthday Sex – Ariel Has a Fun Night Out – Part Two

BooBoo pulled me to the back expecting to momentarily satiate my Birthday Sex desire but I had something else in mind. When he grabbed my ass and put me against that wall my aching center clenched. Tightening with need, even as it was opened wide when my legs wrapped around his waist. Hands still firmly holding my ass and his mouth hard on mine.

As he set me down I maneuver the front of my thigh so it puts enough pressure against his gradually hardening cock to speed the process up a little. When my feet finally met the floor I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers up into his hair kissing him hard. Then I allowed my tongue to graze up his neck until it met the lobe of his ear and seductively whispered.

“Let’s get out of here,” and gently teased his ear with my tongue as I drug my mouth back to his neck. 

Now it was my turn to grab him by the hand and lead him back to the bar. As he’s making sure we’ve taken care of our tab I touch and tease, running my hands over his chest. I want him so bad that I don’t care who sees me with my hands all over him. Smacking my ass hard, right there for everyone to see he looks down meeting my eyes, and growls quietly for me to cut it out. I grin up at him and grab his hard cock through his pants, stretching to my tiptoes so I can whisper in his ear.

“Make me…..” Quickly grabbing my coat and billfold I tell him more loudly, “I’ll meet you in the truck,” and saunter off.

The look in his eyes is like Heaven and Hell all rolled into one. I know when he finally gets his hands on me for real that I’m going to be in trouble. The moment we get in the door of my house he proves my suspicions by closing the door with my back against it and reaches down to turn the lock.

“Now let’s see who’s going to be the one teasing whom,” and he grabs under my thighs and carries me to the couch.

Setting me down he undoes my belt and slowly peels my jeans off me as I wiggle, trying to help them along. Now he’s the one with other plans and he grabs the ankle of each pant leg dragging them slowly down one by one. Kneeling between my legs he starts rubbing me through my panties reveling at how wet they already are with almost no contact. Then surprisingly for him he takes control and wraps his hand around my neck, not choking, just showing a certain level of dominance.

Hand around my throat he smirks down at me, “Now I’m going to make you, but I won’t be making you stop.”

He briskly lifts me by my hips, flipping me to my knees and I hear his pants fall to the floor. With his hand on my lower back, he glides the head of his cock over my wet pussy lips and starts spreading my juices all around. Losing patience I start twisting my hips as he slides back and forth and the head of his cock begins working into me. 

With a moan, I feel the pop as the head of his fat cock enters my tight hole.

Need takes over and he starts sliding slowly into me, giving me time to adjust to his size. I can’t handle it anymore and start begging.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard?!? Please??? I need you!” 

Heeding my request he starts pumping hard but still slowly at first. Working me open until he feels the first wave of orgasm run through me. Finally, he loses all control. Grabbing me tightly by the hips he begins pounding. Pulling me back against him at the same time we reach a rhythm of me bouncing back and forth on his cock perfectly. Hard and fast I feel him bottoming out into me. Filling me with himself until I feel him start throbbing and know he’s going to fill me with something else now.

Just the thought gets me instantly wetter. The throbbing becomes so strong the bulging vein in his cock swells on and off my g-spot. Shoving hard into me one last time he’s no longer teasing. I release my orgasm as I feel him injecting his hot cum in my warm center. We fall tangled in a pretzel on the couch gasping to catch our breaths.

“I knew you’d make my night worth it,” I pant quietly, turning to kiss him and noticing the cocky grin on his face.

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I think you’d really enjoy the Audio better though….. Listen to me moan and gasp begging for more until he finally makes me cum. Check it out here!

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