Birthday Sex – Ariel Has a Fun Night Out – Part One

Today is my Birthday, and I’m SOOOO EXCITED to tell you all about the fun that I had this weekend celebrating! I mean, Birthday Sex is one of the BEST ways to celebrate is it not?!?! I was starting to get a little nervous that I wasn’t going to end up getting any because I never go out and do anything anymore, but I got it all figured out! One of the guys I’ve dated on and off, we’ll call him BooBoo made his way over and took me out to enjoy myself.

We had an amazing steak and potato dinner at one of my favorite bar and grills and stayed to enjoy karaoke and some good friends! I have so much fun doing karaoke even though I’m probably not as good as I think I am. Still going up there, letting loose, and belting it out in front of everyone is so freeing. 

Plus I love music so it made for an even better birthday night. Singing and dancing and having a night out was exactly what I needed. A way to relax and unwind so I could get in the mood to really start celebrating. 

Grinding on a few of the guys, and some girls while the music played, really getting off on teasing everyone!

I mean, after all, it is my celebration, so why not have a little fun playing with everyone?! That’s always the best part of being single, flirting with whoever I want, whenever I want, and not having to worry about upsetting someone. BooBoo really helped to make sure I had the best time possible. 

Grabbing at me while I was dancing. The occasional smack on the ass, because he knows how much I love having it smacked and played with. Eventually, he realized I needed more and that to stay and hang out he was going to have to give me a little motivation. He really knew I was reveling in the time out to let go so he made sure to help extend it as long as possible. Being able to tell that my sexual needs were starting to make me want to dash he grabbed me by the hand and drug me in the back hallway by the bathroom. 

Slithering his cold hands under my shirt and bra and gently grazing those icy fingers over my nipples he pushed me against a wall.

The breath caught in my throat at the same time that his mouth met it and he started feasting on me. Grazing his tongue up and down he sucked and nipped at the soft flesh. As the moan began to escape my mouth he covered it with his and promptly grabbed me under my ass, lifting me up. Knowing he’d tease me and how bad I was craving Birthday Sex he put me against the wall I automatically wrapped my legs around him. I began to moan deeply into his mouth causing him to bite my lip, stoping the sound of pleasure before anyone else in the bar could hear. 

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