“Hey Baby, wanna fuck!”

It only took about ten minuets before we were approached.  “Sure Baby but my question is are you man enough to handle both of us in biker orgies? You see we come as a team.”  With that I leaned over and started to make out with Cheryl.

“Man enough of course I am!  Let me tell you, you will be begging for more sex when I get through with you!”  With that he plops himself right down between us and starts in on our tits.  It wasn’t long until we had several spectators and Mr Joe Blow  or whatever his name was started getting extremely aroused.  I do have to give him credit he was well hung.

As I started stroking his cock Cheryl was spreading her legs and allowing him to eat her pussy.

I could tell this guy was never going to last through two of us so I looked over at this other cute guy that was standing there ogling us.  “Why don’t you join us Baby?  That is if your mommy will let you!”  That was all it took he was on me immediately.

Before you knew it we had a full blown orgy going on in that little clubhouse!

Cheryl and I were getting fucked every which way by a whole slew of guys!  We had women eating our pussy, guys fucking our pussy, women kissing out titties and lips and using dildos in out asses and guys just  fucking us any way they could.  There were naked sweaty bodies everywhere!  Anyone who was not completely and totally sexually satisfied had a real problem.

Everyone who came to these parties knew they were Biker orgies.

Everyone had a great time and there was never any problems.  You didn’t have to worry about jealousy and you didn’t have to worry about the cops.  There was never any drugs involved just drinks.  It was a different decade simpler times and free sex.

The parties usually lasted until the wee hours of the mornings and sometimes we all road to the all night diner for breakfast.  Everybody knows that after a night of sex you are starving!  This was one night a group of us decided to ride into town for breakfast.  We arrived at the diner around 5 am and all went in together.  There were only two waitresses and they both looked about ready to fall asleep.

Upon seeing this many people, obvious biker people, coming in to the restaurant they woke up real fast.  They are always expecting trouble when they see a motorcycle gang coming in.  Let this be no exception!  After we had our breakfast and several cups of coffee we were getting ready to leave when I approached our cute young waitress.

“Hey Baby, I sure would love to show you a good time! That is Cheryl and I both!”

Looking around she kind of swallowed hard and said “Would you take me out of this God forsaken place?” A big smile crept across my face and I took her hand and led her away. “Let’s go enjoy a Bikers orgies.”

This is how it always starts.  Cheryl was led away by me over 2 years ago and she has been by my side ever since.  This is how I recruit my Biker Babes and let e tell you there is never a shortage of candidates.

Why not check out my Audio Blog.  I go into greater detail because there are no restrictions on the audio blogs! Check it out because I know you won’t be disappointed!

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