When I was younger I  was a Biker Babe and went to many orgies.  I enjoyed life to the fullest and I have nothing but great memories of it.  This is a recap of what my weekends usually entailed.

There is this great biker club up in the hills and I heard they were having a party this weekend.  My pride and joy was having a Harley Davidson Sportster.   Cruising around on my Harley and getting a great reaction from the guys was something I loved doing.

I called my Biker Babe Friend

I asked her if she wanted to go to the Biker party and orgies with me Saturday night.  She was all for it which I knew she would be, if there was a good time to be had, we were there.

We were dressed in our typical biker gear, tight black leather pants and a skimpy white tank top with great push up bras.  I picked my girlfriend up on my Sportster around 7 pm.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to the bikers clubhouse up in the hills. I have been there once or twice before so I knew the way.

Riding through town we always liked to put on a show for anyone who happened to be around.

As we pulled up to a red light there was a car full of guys stopped right next to us.  Grabbing a handful of my tits my girlfriend swiveled my head around and planted a great big kiss right on my lips.

The guys in the car along side of us had to pick their jaws up off the seats.  We just giggled, winked at the guys and took off in a cloud of dust.  For all I know they are still sitting back at the light.!

“You are so bad, and I love it!”  I commented.

“I know you do, and you are so hot, I would love to eat your pussy right now!”

We arrived at the Biker party/orgies a little before 8.  Of course there was a guy posted at the door.  “Were you two invited and if so by who?”

We both just looked at each other and pulled our tops down to expose our tits.

“Well come on in! The more the merrier!”  The door guy stepped  aside and held the door open for us.  Passing by we both just patted him on the cheek and blew him a kiss.

It took a moment for our eyes to adjust to the darkness but as we looked around we saw a keg set up in the corner and guys and girls were everywhere in all sorts of dress and undress. The biker orgies was just getting into full swing!  Walking over we each helped ourselves to a drink and then turned to survey the room a little bit more.  There was music coming from one corner of the room and a card game from another.  There were several couches and a couple of chairs set up around and a handful of card tables.  My girlfriend, Cheryl and I made our way over to an empty sofa and sat down.

Make sure to come back Sunday to find out where this story is headed.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

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