Biastophilia/Raptophilia Fantasy Part One


I am a firm believer in the fact that if it isn’t hurting anybody and you enjoy it go ahead and do it. Fuck labels and worrying about what people will think. and feel. Feel good? Taste yummy? Makes you happy and obviously, not causing harm or pain to the next person then DO IT! Forget the label, do not feel shame. This mentality is how I have come to be involved in someone’s Biastophilia/Raptophilia fantasy. Since they could account for they were attracted to both sexes. Of course, life and society taught them it is only acceptable under certain situations and never ever as a bottom. 


Honestly, this made me both in awe of this person and a little sorry for them. For starters, how brave to still be comfortable with admitting this, but on the other hand all the pleasures you have never explored due to the stigma! However, I saw a solution! Essentially taking away the choice to participate and forcing the pleasures would take away the shame and guilt. Now obviously. Biastophilia/Raptophilia is not something people openly discuss on a regular basis. I am by no means normal, nor do I care to be. I am a limit pusher and wanted more than anything to help him experience all the pleasure being a switch creates! Firstly, I tried getting him to enjoy these pleasures willingly. Fingers slowly trailing past the normal taint cut off, words of encouragement, and lots of porn.


 Time and time again his body would respond positively, his cock would get incredibly hard and the moans that would escape him were the loudest he’s ever done. But eventually, his mind would turn back on and he would tense up, shift away, completely shutdown.


 Now, of course, two people consumed with lust and passion is a turn-on, no matter the gender or color, but this was far more about him. Can you imagine living your life so that you never fully let your guard down enough to be completely and utterly consumed with pure unfiltered pleasure? Now, time to plan my Biastophilia/Raptophilia. I mean he’s obviously bigger and stronger than me. Asking permission defeated the purpose of taking away his right to choose. How do I render him 100% helpless, unable to stop me, only able to beg me to stop? Of course, there was also the dilemma with how long will it take for him to relax and feel the intense euphoria? No, I am not concerned with him staying mad at me for creating this Biastophilia/Raptophilia fantasy. He knows me well enough to know my true intentions.


I became completely and utterly obsessed with planning to capture and defeat my prey.


Beginning with purchasing several toys of all shapes and sizes that I would parade around him. Reading his reactions, both the physical extreme erections that seemed to intensify each time and the rigid cold effect from letting himself get carried away. Maybe even a tad at me for becoming so obsessed with it. Once the easy part of what will be used to pierce and penetrate his guard was out of the way, I had to figure out how to take complete control away from him.


Are you as obsessed as I am? Can’t wait to see just how I play out my Biastophilia/Raptophilia fantasy? Even if you can wait to hear how this one ends, there will so much in the audio that can not be said on paper. If  you are enjoying this blog make sure to check out my submission blog,


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