Bi Curious Fantasy Betting on the Super Bowl Part 6

This is it!  The final piece of the pie, as they say!  Check out how Kurt, Doug, and I cum in the finale of this fantastically hot wet bi curious fantasy.  It is sure to make you you join us with cum shooting across the room!

The sounds in the room were incredible.  The grunts and groans of the two men were beyond hot.  Their bodies slapping off of each other and the slurping and sucking noises that the cock made fucking that ass were fantastic!  It wasn’t long before I was tumbling into a huge multiple orgasm!

I couldn’t just watch anymore!

I climbed up on the bed at Kurt’s head and straddled over his face.  Then I lowered my dripping snatch down onto his face to let him lick and suck my pussy.  I liked having this bird’s eye view of the action and being part of it!  Doug reached out and grabbed at my breasts and nipples while he plowed Kurt’s ass.

I was grinding my cunt against Kurt’s face.

I could feel his tongue snaking up inside of me.  He was far more hungry for this kind of play than I had ever seen him before.  The exquisite fucking he was getting was pushing him to be more aggressive and I loved it!

I reached down and took Kurt’s cock in my hand.

I cupped his balls and manipulated the shaft just how he likes it.  He reached around my back and pushed me down. He wanted my mouth on his cock, and I did not disappoint.  I traced the tip of my tongue around all the little ridges of the head, and then traced each vein down to the base.  He loves to be teased, and I am sure the feeling was wonderful coupled with the throbbing cock pounding his ass.

It wasn’t long before the heavy breathing in the room became shallower.  We were each reaching climax.  I knew once the first one went we would all follow suit.  I had been on the verge for several minutes because of Kurt’s tongue lapping at my clit, but I did not want this to end.

Only a moment later Kurt said he was going to unload his cum into Kurt’s ass, and Kurt gave a muffled yes from between my legs.

Doug took my hands from Kurt’s cock and began to stroke it fiercely with both hands.  He wanted to wring a second orgasm from him.  I concentrated on my own pleasure while I watched.  Doug started to growl and groan saying he was cumming and Kurt did the same.  Doug jerked harder on the cock in his hand and Kurt sucked unbelievably hard on my clit.

We all came with a massive moan and panting breath!

I watched as Doug pumped jet after jet of cum from Kurt’s cock.  He licked his fingers clean then scooped up some for me to suck from his fingertips.  I moved off of Kurt’s face so he could get a breath and found he also had cum, my cum, dribbling down his cheeks.  I smiled up at Doug and we both set to cleaning Kurt with our tongues, kissing each other and sharing every drop.

Now it was time for the great unveiling!  I slid the blindfold off of Kurt and his jaw dropped when looked in Doug’s brown eyes. He remembered him from gatherings in the past and thought that I had chosen very well.  We all had a great laugh and agreed that this was just the beginning of a lot of hot sexy fun we would have together.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my cock curious fantasy story!  Check out my audio blog to hear my own voice tell you exactly how it all plays out!

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