Bi Curious Fantasy Betting on the Super Bowl Part 5

The story continues and rages on this week to the grand finale!  Find out how this amazingly hot bi curious fantasy plays out!

Not wanting to miss out on all this hot action, I grabbed my vibrator from the table. I made myself comfortable in the chair that Kurt had vacated.  I hiked one leg over the arm of the chair and slid the vibrator into me.  The little buzzing ears were firmly against my clit while the shaft was buried deep inside my already wet pussy, gyrating happily.

I slowly fucked myself with it while I watched Doug fuck Kurt with the dildo.

Knowing Kurt like I did, I told Doug he should move up to the larger dildo. This is the dildo that I usually used when I fucked him with the strapon.  He loved it!  As soon as Doug switched, the noises and actions from Kurt became very intense!

He started pushing back on the dildo wanting it deeper and faster!

The grunts coming from him were absolutely primal!  Listening to Kurt had my juices flowing and I clamped down on the vibrator as I came in a chorus of moans.  Doug took this as his cue to discard the dildo and enter the action.  He made sure his cock was well lubed and asked Kurt to lay down on his back.  Not wasting a moment, Kurt flipped to his back and raised his knees up to his chest, exposing his already gaping bung hole.

Doug climbed on top of him and lowered his head to give him a sensual kiss.

I knew this was the first kiss Kurt had received from a male and was mesmerized by how lusty he was.  He grabbed at Doug’s face keeping the kiss going while their tongues danced inside their mouths.  Allowing the kiss to continue, Doug placed the head of his cock up against Kurt’s opening and slowly began to push it in.  He was agonizingly slow in actions.

When the head popped in Kurt blew his first load all over his belly.

I stayed quietly to the side to see what would happen next.  I was stunned to see Kurt wrap his legs around Doug’s waist while begging him not to stop.  Doug hushed him and pulled back only far enough to scoop the cum up with his tongue and feed it to him in a series of long erotic kisses.

Kurt’s hands roamed all over Doug’s body feeling his chiseled jaw line and muscular arms.  Then down his back to his tight ass.  He grabbed Doug’s ass and pulled him to him forcing the head of his cock to pop back into his ass.

A smile spread across his face as his still erect cock twitched.

Doug began to slide in and out of Kurt’s ass at a slow steady pace.  He put his hands behind Kurt’s knees, pushing his knees up to his shoulders and tilting his pelvis up.  Doug looked over to me about then and I smiled and told him not to hold back.  Adjusting his knees slightly he began to fuck Kurt with more force, taking long strokes then shoving it back in balls deep.

Stay tuned for big finale in part 6 of my bi curious fantasy coming to you on New Years Day!  If you just can’t wait check out my audio blog to hear my own voice paint the picture of what happens next!

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