Bi Curious Fantasy Betting on the Super Bowl Part 4

My bi curious fantasy story is really heating up!  Kurt’s heart is racing in anticipation of what is to come.  Pun intended!

Kurt immediately relaxed with a sigh as he closed his lips around Doug’s cock.  I gave soft instructions that he need not worry.  He only needed to do the things to the cock in his mouth as if it were his own cock.  With that notion, Kurt wasted no time taking Doug’s cock all the way into his mouth.  He gagged slightly, but took my advice to breathe through his nose and had no further issues.

Watching him suck that cock was mesmerizing!

It was as if he were parched from roaming the desert, and now he had a fountain of life saving water. His bisexual fetish exploration has finally begun, and it looks like its going to be a wild adventure.  The smile on his face was so endearing as he sucked and slurped on that cock.  I could tell that he was struggling with the wrist restraints and went ahead and freed them.  Once able to move, Kurt wrapped one hand around the shaft and cupped Doug’s balls with the other. Doug let his head fall back as he enjoyed this novice’s blowjob.

It wasn’t long before Doug gave me the signal that he was about to come.

So, I pulled Kurt away from the blow job he was giving and told him to relax.  He started to protest but I put a finger over his lips and handed him a bottle of water.  Doug also relaxed for a moment and told me how pleased he was with Kurt so far.  He never would have thought that was his first try at giving a blowjob.

I was equally impressed and completely turned on by the scene in front of me.  I had never witnessed a male bisexual fetish encounter in person.  It was so passionate and completely hot!

I asked Doug if he was ready for round two and he was!  He was still rock hard and ready for more action.  So I released the ankle restraints on Kurt and helped him to his feet.  His cock was making a sizable tent in his box briefs, and Doug liked what he saw.  He then asked Kurt to remove them, and guided him, still blindfolded, over to the bed.

Kurt climbed up on the bed on all fours and waited for instructions on what to do next.  I grabbed one of the medium sized dildos from the table and lubed it well, handing it to Doug.  Before he slid it into Kurt’s ass he took a moment to sniff and lick his little bung hole and lap at his balls that hung so tantalizingly below it. I was panting as I watched them together and could wait to hear what Kurt thought of his first bisexual fetish experience.

The moans that came from them both were beyond erotic.

Doug then placed the tip of the dildo at Kurt’s back door and slid it in ever so slowly. Kurt trembled all over at the invasion and asked for more.  Doug started to slowly fuck him with it, preparing him for the fucking he would soon receive.

Stay tuned for part 5 of my bi curious fantasy coming to you on New Years Day!  If you just can’t wait check out my audio blog to hear my own voice paint the picture of what happens next!

If you missed the beginning of my story be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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