Groupie gets fucked, oh yes, it is really happening!

Convulsing, wiggling and throbbing I felt the climax coming!

There was no turning back now and my partner was at the same place, we both exploded together and I do believe this time I rocked his world! It doesn’t happen very often, but when my g-spot is hit just right, I squirt!  Yes some call it female ejaculation, but I call it squirting!   So even though I know I rocked his world, he rocked mine also! He caused me to squirt!  Collapsing onto the sofa we both just laid still for a while.  Slowly he dislodged himself from me and stood up.  Looking down at me with a tender look in his eyes he winked and then walked away. Oh yes, this groupie got fucked real good!

Was that it?  Was I dismissed at that point?  I was not sure what to do then.  Slowly I sat up and started looking around for my clothes.  It was then that several other members of the band started approaching me.  Normally I would have jumped at the opportunity to be with each and everyone of them but something had changed.

I thought there was a special connection with the lead singer, but maybe I was the only one that felt it.  He was gone,nowhere to be seen and I was sitting there naked left behind with 3 other guys approaching me.  There was no doubt about it I was there to service all of them, I asked for this so here it is!

The first one comes over, I think he was the drummer.  He had his dick out and was waving it in my face.

I grabbed him by the balls and gently pulled him toward me.  I sucked his cock into my mouth and started sucking on him so he would never forget me.  While I was doing this another one came up from behind and slid his cock into my dripping pussy.  It felt good, but not near as good as before.  I knew he enjoyed it because he only lasted about 5 minutes if that!  The drummer that I was sucking off finally came in huge spurts all over my face and then collapsed onto the sofa.  That left the base player.

With no pants on he strode over to me and said,”Hey Groupie Ready for a good ass fucking?”

He threw me down onto the floor and knelt between my thighs.  Lifting my legs up he penetrated my ass and started to fuck my tight little hole.  It hurt at first but once I stretched out o accommodate him I started to enjoy it!  Thankfully he did not last very long either.  All the guys were spent and I was ready to move on.

Going into the bathroom I cleaned up and then came out to find my clothes.  The lead singer was standing there holding them out to me.  I took them from him and started to dress.  When I was all done he took me by the hand and led me to the door.  We walked down the hall and outside to a van. I was thinking this groupie is going to get fucked again!  He opened the back door and turned to look at me.

“Hop in Baby, I will take you to heaven and back!”

The inside of the van was awesome!  It looked like you were going into a cave.  It had small sparkly lights all over the ceiling and fake rock for the sides.  There was a soft fur mattress on the floor that was so inviting that I couldn’t resist!  “Where would you like to go?”

“To Heaven and back” was my response.  I knew there was  a connection there. He climbed in behind me a closed the doors.  He had done his duty to the band, but now I was going to be his!  I was not sure how long it would last, but I would be here as long as he allowed me to be.  This groupie was going to get fucked again and again and again!

I was born to be a groupie and that is what I am.

Giving everything else up in my life to follow my favorite Rock N Roll band is what I do!  So for now, I will be the fuck toy of this singer for as long as he will have me.  I can get used to this kind of life style!

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