Being a groupie has it ‘s advantages, like getting fucked, Oh Yes!

So let me tell you about how I got fucked by a whole Rock Group!

I have always loved rock n roll, and the life style of a rock star!  If I were to be honest with you there was a time in my life that I would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to be with a rock star!

I was in my teenage years and going to any and every concert I could get to!  Every once in a while I would get to go back stage to meet the musicians!  That was the highlight of my life! Yes I was a tried and true Groupie!

Philadelphia, 1983, it was the height of Rock n Roll.  I have been going to concerts  every weekend, sometime 2 or 3 in a weekend.  One of my favorite up and coming bands was coming to a small rock Bar in Central Pa. Saturday night.

The lead singer in this band was so cute and had a huge bulge in his pants!

This Groupie wanted to be fucked by him so bad I would do anything to get with him!  As I dressed for the concert I made sure that I pulled out all the stops!  Micro mini skirt with a dangling chain belt cropped white tee-shirt with the band name on it that I cut into a deep V to expose massive amounts of cleavage.  A great push up bra that I just went out and bought that afternoon and some great looking stiletto boots complemented the whole outfit.

I wore several gold chains that dipped down between my young plump round breasts.

Then I did my hair and the bigger the better as was the style then!  Thankfully I had a great hair day.  My hair went just the way I wanted it to go and then I painstakingly applied my make-up.  I was ready to go.  Leaving in plenty of time to get to the club I arrived with time to spare. I din’t want to get screwed out of a good view!

Entering the club I went right up to sit at the bar where I knew I would get an excellent view of the stage.  I ordered a diet coke, I didn’t want to start drinking yet, if at all.  My goal was to keep my head clear so I could concentrate on getting with the lead singer so this Groupie can get fucked by him!  That is the makings of a real Groupie! Three guys tried to pick me up in the span of about 20 minutes but I only had eyes for the lead singer, he was about to come out.

I was so excited that my nipples were hard and  I was getting wet in the crotch!

Everything  got quiet. The announcement started and I  had to play this cool so I didn’t look too desperate.  I waited until the entire band was onstage and they started playing.  The lead singer came out on cue and started to sing it was at that moment that this Groupie made her move.

I swiveled around on my stool spread my legs with no underwear on.

Oh yes, I got the reaction that I wanted he stopped and stared me right at me as he was singing.  I slowly ran my hand down my body to my lap and slowly touched myself.  At that moment there was no others in the bar and he was singing right to me!  Well that was how it seemed to me.


If you like where this is going make sure to come back on Sunday, May  5th to read Part 2 of Being a Groupie Has It’s Advantages, Oh Yes!

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If you like where this is going make sure you come back Sunday May 3rd for part 2 of Being a Groupie Has It’s Advantages, Oh Yes!

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