Being a Groupie Has It’s Advantages, Oh Yes! This Groupie gets fucked!

As the show progressed every time he looked at me I would spread my legs suck on my finger or tweet my nipples.

I think he was starting to get the hint. He know I was a groupie and that I wanted to get fucked!  When they took a break I had one of the security guards hand me a note.  With trembling hands I opened it and read the three little words scrawled across the paper.  “I Want You!”  I glanced up at the security guy and he signaled me to follow him so tucking the note into my purse I got up and followed him to the back hallway.  He lead me down to a door and knocked twice on it.  Oh God, this was really happening! I was so wet in anticipation!  I hope I can get fucked! The door opened and there he was so walking slowly, I went straight to his open arms.

To my surprise, he reached down and grabbed my crotch and stuck his finger right  into my wet and  waiting cunt!

Pulling me into the room he slammed the door.  “I got what you are looking for, Baby! You ready to get fucked, Groupie?”  Grabbing my hand he placed it on his crotch and oh yes, he was rock hard so I rubbed my hand on his cock and said,

“I have been dreaming of this day since the first time I saw you and I knew I had to have you!”

“No promises, Baby, just a good time!”

“That’s  what I want a good time!”

With that he pulled me into the other room and lifted me up on a cabinet and spread my legs.

Oh yes, this groupie is going to get fucked so I leaned back and pulled my legs up to give him better access of my sweet juices inside.  Sucking, kissing and licking he tasted every inch of me.  I was just getting  ready to reach my climax when he stopped.  He pulled me down and leaned me over the desk. Time to get Fucked!  Next thing I felt was his big hard cock slamming into my waiting wet pussy!   It didn’t take him long to reach his release but I was kind of disappointed.

Standing up he tucks his cock back into his pants and slaps me on the ass and says, “Have to go finish the show baby.  Why don’t you wait here for me.  Get some rest because you’re going to need it. When I get back, my Little Groupie, you will get fucked again!”  With that he leaves and closes the door behind him.

Straightening my clothes I go into the other room and have a seat on the sofa.  I could hardly wait until he came back.

As I sit on the sofa, after being fucked by a rock star, I start to think.

Did this really happen and did I really just get pulled into the private dressing room of my idol and have him fuck me?  Is he really coming back?  All my dreams are coming true, I cannot believe it! This groupie just got fucked! I would follow him anywhere!  I get up and start to pace, I was too excited to sit still.  Finding the rest room I duck in and clean myself up as best I can.  I wanted to be presentable for when my rock star comes back.

Making sure I clean my pussy really good, I am hoping we get a chance to fuck again!

After I finish up I go out looking for something to drink.  I then see the unbelievable spread laid out in the corner of the room.  Cold cuts, cold shrimp, salads, desserts and then there are the drinks. Mineral water, soda, beer and all kinds of hard liqueur.  A person could get used to this kind of life style.  Grabbing a mineral water and small sandwich I go back to the sofa to have a seat because I need to replenish my strength.


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